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update on progress - plus a few questions

Hey everyone,

Well I haven't been on here for a couple of days, so I though I'd let you know what was going on (and have a bit of a rant too!)

So on tuesday night I noticed a bad rash all the way down both my shins, sort of like lots of little bruises. After a phone call to NHS direct and an out of hours doctor, I was advised by both to go to A&E immediately to get it checked out (I think everyone thought it might be meningitis - including me!)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after 3 hours of waiting and having seen many doctors, it was decided that it definately wasn't meningitis (phew!), but it was a bit of a mystery what it is. I mentioned the diet to the doctor, and she didn't seem to think it had anything to do with it (I was a bit worried as I'm only on day 9, so though it might be a reaction to something in the packets).

They took some blood from me, and said that there are some things a bit amiss with my blood, and so I have to go back in a week and have more blood taken to see if things have calmed down.

Well the point of this post was to hopefully be reassured that all this isn't down to the diet (I really don't think it is), but I'm slightly worried about talking to my doctor about it, incase they advise me to stop :(

anyway, sorry for the rant, just feeling a little down after all the drama, probably due to lack of sleep as well, didn't get back from A&E until 5 in the morning!

Thanks once again for all the support!
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Trying to stay healthy!
Sorry you are feeling down liz, glad to hear it wasn't the diet though! Hope you find out what caused and it's nothing untoward.

good luck for the rest of your week!
same here xx
Aw Liz, hope you find out soon
x x x


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My Hubby has been covered with a rash (all over) since last Saturday. Not one doctor has bothered to take any blood from him. The A&E doc gave him some antibiotics but that was it and told him to see the GP again on Friday.

Good luck with it though.


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There are loads of strange viral things on the go this year with weird rashes etc.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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