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Ups and Downs

Hi all

Well, I lost eight and a half pounds in my first week on SS+.

After last week's disasters with the shakes, my counsellor has given me tetras and bars.....I begged for the bars!

I've found out that I really like the chocolate tetras and peanut bars so feeling much happier.

However......I don't seem to have lost any weight since last week. My weigh in is on Monday evening and I am really worried.

I think that I have eaten more than the 200 calories (in chicken breast) per night so need to sort that out. However, I think I could only have eaten an extra 800 cals max this week so not sure how I have lost NO weight. :mad::sigh:

Am going to have a really strict weekend and see how things go on Monday.

DP is out tonight and felt like jacking in all in and stuffing my face with chocolate. However, I haven't :)

I'm starting to panic that maybe my metabolism is so slow that I can't lose weight even on this diet!
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Winning a losing battle!
Try and stay away from the scales!

Are you having bars every day? They can slow losses down and they do for me if I have more than a couple per week as they're slightly higher in carbs, if you've also been having more than the SS+ allowance, you could be retaining water weight.

Don't jack it in, keep drinking the water and make sure you follow the SS+ guidelines and I'm sure you'll see a loss at weigh in.

Get your CDC to take your measurements too, even if you don't lose weight, you may find that you've lost inches.
Thank you! Only one bar a day and def in ketosis as checking twice a day.

Not an inch off either!

I'm going to be strict this weekend and Monday and see how things go

Am going to give scales to DP to hide!


Winning a losing battle!
Stick with it, if you follow the plan 100%, you can't not lose.

Let us know how you get on at weigh in. x


Eat to live don't live to eat!
If you're in ketosis you'll defo lose, don't worry hun, sometimes it doesn't show till you step on the scales on weigh in day, wierd but true! Hang on in there and you will see the results x
peanut bars and choc tetras are my fave fave fave! try and stay off the scales and glug that water. Make sure you measure out your chicken before hand . You'll be fine any loss is a loss and if its not that big of a loss this week it could be your body retaining water and you will hopefully have a nice big loss next week. Let us know how you get on at weigh in.

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