upset - but not cheating


this time - the last time
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I am very upset today. No need to go into it but family problems have been bubbling away for about 8years and I've had another big fight about everything today.

I have been sobbing for several hours. Feel sick.

However, I have forced down my first pack of the day and 1litre of water. I actually feel stronger now that I haven't caved. I completed some filing whilst crying (odd diversion technique to keep me out of the kitchen).

I actually feel ok, despite the hurt. AND I didn't cheat. Can't say I would have managed the same if I had been home alone, bit still, an achievement.

Just wanted to record it. If I can do it today, and keep at this for another few months.
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Sorry to hear that :( You have achieved something amazing though and not reached for the comfort food so you should be very proud of yourself :)
I hope everything works out for you. Keep your chin up xx
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So sorry to hear you`re having a tough time :hug99:

WELL DONE YOU!! for not caving and eating something you shouldn`t. You`ve done amazingly :)

You can read this any time you`re feeling low to show yourself that you CAN do this!!



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that must have taken amazing strength and will power! Like you said, if you can get through this you can get through any day in the future. Well done! and keep going! xxx


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Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. I hope it is a boost to you to know that you did not turn to food.

Nice constructive diversion...