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Upset :(

Just weighed myself and I stayed the same :( I'm not going to hit my target at the rate i'm going :(

My weight loss is slowing down again and i'm doing everything right. Fair enough I had one bad Friday night but it seems to have taken its toll this week. Im also due on today too so maybe thats probably why ive STS and im upset about it lol (sorry to the lads on here)

Im just so gutted, I was really hopeing to be a looser this week :(

Sorry, rant over.

Good luck to anyone else who is weighing today.

Happy friday everyone :) xxx
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Awww hun :-(

If you're due your star week, that won't help; both weight or how you feel. Do you suffer from excessive water retention during star week? I do, but I take Aquaban for the 3 days running up to it and since I started this my bloaty feeling is so much less than it was before. It's worth a shot - but only take it before not during :)

Do you go to group? If you do, don't let home scales put you off just yet.

Stay happy sweetie - you are doing well and I bet next week it'll be much better xxx
Hey Sticky, I dont go to class can't afford it tbh lol so going alone at home.

I dont suffer too major from water retention, probably a little more than normal though. Just feel so poo, I so want to be happy and I cant whilst I look and feel like this :(

Thanks for your kind words x
I know how you feel hun i'm the same way i lost the first week i went i STS last week and looking to STS when i go on monday too and thought i've stuck to the EE plan but i'm like you don't know where i've gone wrong. HOpefully you'll feel better whe TOM comes and goes :)
i'm not holding my breath for monday lol i've had a sneaky peak this morning and nothing has moved lol. Here's hoping our weight starts moving again soon i am going on hols in july and had wanted more than 4 lbs off. ARe you varying your food? someone suggested that to me


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Drinking more in the lead up to star week really helps me to keep the STS away ( i managed to lose 2lb this week still). Also it may be that you have reached a point where your body just wants a rest, as you have lost quite alot of your body weight, and if your BMI is now in the "normal" range it may be that there is where you settle for a bit. the other thing worth trying is eating more, don't restrict your syns and have lots of superfree especially the SS foods. Don't feel bad you have done so well already :)


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Your weight loss will slow down as you approach your target but don't give up - it will happen.
If you know you have been good and stuck to plan then your loss will show next week. Some weeks we do STS even though we deserve a loss but our bodies are weird and wonderful things and the weight loss doesn't always show.
Also, and you probably won't like this, one bad night out will take it's toll. In the early stages of SW you can get away with it but as you have less and less to lose, it will make a difference. You may not gain but it won't help you lose.
Stick with it, the target will be there for you - it may not be as soon as you would like but you will get there in the end.


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Sarah-Jayne I sorry you STS this week, but don't be upset by it, you have done so well and you will continue to do so, if your *week is due then your body will re-adjust next week, just maybe drink more water and lower your syns a fraction and I am sure you will soon be on track agai, thinking of you. X
I dont want to slow down though lol i like this slimming milarky lol
Plus ive still got a stone to go until I hit my target weight and im not happy with the way I am now.
I have my strawberrys at the ready today.
You say you cann't be happy while you look and feel the way you do....come on honey you lost 30lbs you should feel fantastic about your achievement. It's frustrating to think you have stayed the same but you have got to hang in there and not dwell on it. Never loose sight of what you have accomplished and how you felt while the weight was comming off. Keep going and stay focused and the scales will start moving again. Keep a diary this week and review it to make sure that there are no little extras creeping in. XXX
Thanks, I do try not to feel bad and unhappy about the way I look but I just cant help it. Think that a past relationship has not helped my confidence and I just never really managed to build it back up. Probably a poor excuse. Dont get me wrong, I know 30lb is a hell of a lot of weight to loose though.

Next week will be better.....right!!!!!!!!!!



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A lady at my class was having much the same problem and she was told to try Success Express. Have you thought about doing this.


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Success Express

Have 3 meals a day - 1/3 is red and/or green free foods 2/3 is superfree foods

Have 1 or 2 HEX A and 2 HEX B
Have up to 15 syns

All snacks must be superfree
All starters/desserts must be superfree or synned
Syns take the highest red/green value

It does work!!


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It's not too bad, you just have to plan a bit more ie no mountains of pasta etc, I tend to have gammon/chicken/fish and then 2/3 of butternut squash and veg or salad.

You don't have to do it for a full week, a few days does the trick quite often!

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