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upset :(


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This is all my own fault but was hoping there was another way!

from leaving group last week to getting home i lost my folder with everything in...
i contacted my consultant and she said coz i lost my card i'll have to rejoin again as a new member... this means i lose my certificates (they was in my folder) and all my progress. not sure if consultant is just being a little odd or this is normal?

i didnt mind paying get all new things but was hoping could use my data and progress i already achieved... with this in mind i gave p yesterday and just ate and ate :(
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I would have thought all the data would be stored on her laptop? I'm not very technical though so couldnt say for sure. Hope it works out for you though hun, very annoying if all is lost :(


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Drop Slimming World an email and ask as I find it a bit odd seeing how all your details are stored electronically now so it can't be that difficult to retrieve your information and put it on a new card.


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Awww ((((Gemma)))) xxx

I agree with Mini though, and it has to be worth a try. It seems so wrong to have to start again :(
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Drop Slimming World an email and ask as I find it a bit odd seeing how all your details are stored electronically now so it can't be that difficult to retrieve your information and put it on a new card.
Great idea from Mini.
Make sure that you tell them how distressed that it has made you feel - I find it really hard to believe that there is not a way round this.
Let us know how you get on.
Don't let this put you off, you've done so well so far. xx


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Aww Gemma - as everyone has said give them a tinkle - sounds to me like someone somewhere would be able to sort it for you x


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Oh I def would push for replacements, thats very unfair. In ww if you lose your card, you get a new one for £2. They replace the 'silver 7' stickers if they are lost. I would have thought sw should be able to do the same, they know how much the awards mean to us.

If I were you, I would be very annoyed :-(


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awww hon. is your group electronic now? do you keep a check on lifeline online?

that's so annoying. maybe you could start again, but put all your details (from memory/on here/lifeline) in your book?


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They definately store the information on the laptop. My sister lost her card a couple of weeks ago and they gave her a new one with all her stored information. Worry not am sure they will sort it out when you get to class :)


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If you're group is on expressweigh - then there is no reason why they can't create a new card - complete with all your history. Some consultants may charge for a card (I know mine doesn't - but have heard of it happening). If you need/want the books then there may be a charge involved in that too - but should be no reason to have to rejoin.

Chances are - you won't get certificates/stickers back, but don't throw your ahrd work away over this.

I know this is possible - i help book people into group and we ahve to do it from tiem to time - including one a few weeks ago.



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Oh that's such a shame, could you ring SW head office and ask their advice...it's worth a try.


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I do the check-in / cashier in our group.

If someone comes in and has lost their card, I just go into the laptop and duplicate the card. (at no cost) The new card still has all the information on it.

I feel your consultant is being really unfair here. Also there is nothing to stop her giving you replacement stickers / certifacitaes (sp)

after all thats what the tea / coffee and ballot money goes towards.

Contact slimming world about this.

please keep us posted on how you get on.


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yep your consultant is definately being a tad unfair here!
i would imagine its simply easier for her to have you rejoin as new which is why shes said it but it certainly can be duplicated! lots of people at our group have lost theirs and another friend who goes to a diff group loses hers with amazing regularity,lol!!


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Very unfair consultant, it def can be done - all your details are stored. You can do this hun, get focused and back on the horse, you will be fine!!


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Come on Gemma - we're all behind you!!
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I do hope you get this sorted out - if that happenend to me I'd be gutted and would probably leave the group. Doesn't really give you that warm, welcoming feeling that going to SW should give you.
Awww Gemma - sounds like she's being very harsh here!!!

As somebody has already posted - that lady that does that money side - she just duplicates the card, so not sure why your consultant is making things difficult???

I know some C's buy the certificates/stickers etc, but I also know they only cost like 10pence each so its hardly going to break the bank for her to help you out!!

Let us know what you decide to do hun - DON'T LET THIS SPOIL ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!

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I sometimes help take the money too and the other poster is right. If someone has lost their card it can be duplicated. Your Consultant isnt being fair there and you certainly should not have to re-join as a new member. Yes, there is a charge for replacement books, it has gone up to around £10 as there was an offer on that ended in Jan where existing members could update their books for around £2.00 but that has gone Im afraid.

I would do as the others have suggested and certainly call HQ. Just stress that you are really upset that this has happened and that you feel that you are not getting support from your Consultant.


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