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Urgent Advice Needed


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I'm in a dilemma. I'm headed to a HUGE working promotional event for work.

I was due to refeed this week as I have hit 11stone, but I have been asked to go to a work function tommorow, monday.

My rough itinery is..

Work in morning from 9 til 2, get lift to venue up north, stay in a fabulous 4 star hotel and have a 3 course meal and wine.

Tues, start 5.30am, hotel breakfast, company providing us with sandwiches at lunch, work till 7 pm, hotel and meal/drinks, this will be the same on wednesday and all day thursday returning home that night.

I am going to continue with TFR for one more week as I'm still within bmi range to stay on it and chemist has weighed me early and given me enough to keep going.

Reasons for remaining on it.

One, I was very sick on refeed last time and have to reintroduce carbs very slowly as I'm insulin resistant.

Two, I have no desire to eat/drink anything that's on offer. I won't know anyone there and it's not a presurised social event.

I am the only person going from my branch and meeting about 30 others at the venue including upper management. It isn't something our company does regularly and I am only doing a colleage a favour by going. It's not a thing where I have to put myself ''out there'' for a promotion and impress senior management.

The hotel is pure luxury and if I have enough energy for a swim at the end of the day that's where i'ii be headed.


How do I excuse myself for 3 and a half days of not eating and drinking nothing but water.

I don't know how I'm going to excuse myself for constant loo runs and I'm anxious as to how far they'll be from where I'II be working.

Should I just tell the organiser not to make an issue of my not eating. No one there will no I'm on it and my friend that begged me to go has been helpful at work while I'm doing tfr.

Anxiously waiting your help.
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i would have a word with the organiser like you said and make sure your friend understands the situation and supports you all the time. I think its great the determinationo you are showing to stick at it through this, it would have been so easy to refeed early and pig out on a do like this :)
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I would speak to the organiser!!! But if anyone mentions anything say you've had a kidney infection!!! Makes sense your not drinking and that your drinking so much water!!! So excuses the loo breaks lol...

Good for you sticking at it!!! x
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Hey! I am new to all this but I completely understand your problem. It is my worst fear for something to crop up and 'break' my diet. But then I realised I have a choice! And only I can break it or keep going. You have done soooooo well! I cannot beleive how well you've done. I am only on day 2! However, I have been to events before now where people are on various diets like Cambridge and Lighter Life and they have just been honest and no one said anything and just left them to it. Could perhaps just explaining what you are doing and celebrating your achievements be enough to get you through the 3 days? When people hear how much weight you have lost they will be wanting to join you! x


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I hear ya! Been there.....sometimes at these work events its difficult to be honest (or maybe its my opinionated work mates LOL).....In my case I did the tummy upset.....saying I feel fine once I dont eat...to be honest most people dont notice really......if you dont make a big deal of it.......best of luck hun and keep us posted on how you get on???
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I agree with Emma Jayne - why not just be honest? Tell them you're on a health kick at the moment and quite happy - you're feeling great and don't want to foul things up when they're going so well. If you don't know anyone there, they probably won't notice you're not there at mealtimes anyway.

I admire you for wanting to stick with it - you'll be so glad you did afterwards.


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Thanks Girlies,
I'm just freaking out over nothing. At least I wont be missed in the evenings at eating times like Jesse says. I suppose it's just the practicality of it. I have to work on a cashier till so it's not like I can go anytime I want or make a shake when needed. At regular work the girls were great, I've had a really stressful few months, my father in law passed away only 8 weeks ago, I was very close to him as I'm not with my own father and my husband isn't coping well as he misses him terribly. I guess it's just all that stuff and I'm trying to not let it overwhelm me. As I was a stress/emotional eater it's times like this I would have stuffed my feelings away with a big muffin.
I'm sure the staff won't mind, I Know I just need to be confident enough to stand by my choices and feck what any of them think.
I hope the hotel has internet access, I'm sure gonna miss your company and support if they don't.


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i know it's not 3 days however i went to a full day meeting i didn't know any one there, there was a free buffet lunch on i sat with my lipotrim coconut bar while everyone sat and ate i was questioned but i was honest and everyone was very supportive
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Sorry to hear you have been through such a tough time. Huge well done for sticking at it! I too am an emotional eater so I understand that your determination is to be admired! Good luck at your event. Chances are you will never see them again so stuff it! And remember....Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels! xx
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losit, you have permission to freak out if you feel a need to :D But I think you have answered your dilemma in your original post.... do what YOU would prefer to do, not because of what anyone might think of you at the event. You have been through a lot lately, so you need to think of what will make you happiest in the long run. Doing what everyone else is doing might seem the easiest option, when actually, sticking to what you you would prefer to do will make you happiest, especially afterwards. Remember that often things are MUCH easier than we expect them to be, so go and do what you have to do with confidence. xx

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