Urgent! Lost/Missing :(

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by ReikiLady, 11 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. ReikiLady

    ReikiLady Full Member

    LOST ..... ONE MOJO!

    Went missing about a week before Christmas - obviously feeling the pressure and couldn't cope but promised to return right afterwards.
    No sign of it yet.
    It's strange because each morning I think it's back but by later in the day it's evident that it was either an illusion or wishful thinking.
    Substantial reward offered to anyone with information or motivation leading to its' return.

    Bereft and mojoless Miniminsmember :flirt2: xx
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  3. Pootle

    Pootle Silver Member

    I know the feeling! I've 'started again' every day this week and every day, come the evening, I've blown it! It is so hard to get the will power and stick with it. I wish there was a pill you could take, or some kind of magic wand!
  4. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Just want to send some positive thoughts & wishes in your direction - it's so hard to get in the zone when your head just isn't there.

    Keep trying & eventually things will fall into place. :)
  5. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    come on, we have all been there xxx dig deep and remember that feeling you has before xmas xxx do the 20 second rule think do I really want this and count xxx bet you choose not to put it in your mouth xxx
  6. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Looking at myself in a mirror sideways regularly is helping keep me on the straight and narrow! I have no idea where all these lumps and bumps came from!
  7. ReikiLady

    ReikiLady Full Member

    Thank you guys ... Still struggling but I've been a bit better today. We have 2 holidays booked, one on March and one in June - you'd think that would spur me on wouldn't you?! But if your head's not in the right place nothing will do it. I can only keep trying until it clicks back into place.

    thanks for being there 'preciate it!! :) xx
  8. lorlypop

    lorlypop Full Member

    Hope it resurfaces soon, Reiki - you were so "in the zone" before christmas! Is it something in particular that keeps setting you off? A certain craving, or time of day? Maybe try to get things out of your system a bit and regroup - or if it's boredom in the evening, distract yourself by having a bath/painting your nails etc - it's hard to reach for the biscuits when your fingers are like prunes or your nails are wet! At least you are aware of it, and you are still posting here - when I am off plan I feel too guilty to even look at minimins!! :-/ Maybe re-read your diary and some of the success stories on the forum for inspiration! x
  9. Supertonic

    Supertonic Full Member

    Maybe there's a mojo conference somewhere and they've all gone there - mine has been on the missing in action list as well! I keep trying to remember what worked before and giving it a go, but either I'm cutting too many corners and thinking I'll get away with it or I'm just not doing it properly. It's depressing though.

    So far this weeks not been too bad - I'm pv ing mostly, cut out all the pre and post Xmas frills, and trying to get back into regular exercise again. It must have an effect on the scales, surely? I bloney hope so cos not sure what I'm going to do if it don't!

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