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Urgh. I've just realised how disgusting my arms are!!!


Slimming down the aisle
I was just trying to take a picture of my hair for my friend. It's in extreme curl mode, and she wanted to see. So took a photo on my phone, looked at it and realised I have disgusting arms! You can just see all the fat literally hanging and drooping down. Back to long sleeved tops for me for a while! Anyone else find this and manage to do anything about it? Been doing toning exercises, but not really anything for my arms. Urgh.
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My arms really only started to slim down the past couple of weeks. I can see a lot more definition now. I haven't really been concentrating on exercise for my arms though, i just try and do a 40 min cardio workout 3 times a week and plenty of walking.


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Caroline I have the same problem and I am going to start doing the exersizes for arms on my wii fit each night, I have lost 2 stone and only half an inch from my arms :( They are so unattractive !

I might go looking for the best things to do for bingo wings !!!!!!!


Shut up Ethel
Apparently a great do anywhere exercise is as follows - get two half litre bottles of water (with water in, obv) - hold above your head with straight arms and then bend your arms to touch the back of your neck.

I do a few in the office sometimes and hope nobody notices...
I'd like to do some toning, might do some on my arms. My doctor warned me not to do anything stomach-related until my hernia is sorted out (still haven't heard from the hospital...), can still do aerobic stuff though.


100% all the way!
I've been arm toning with weights and my upper arm has got more toned but my lower (bingo wings) don't seem to be shifting...I think I will persist though and see what happens.

My arms are the thing I hate showing too!
Ive been using light weights to tone my arms each day, only takes 10/15mins and then i smother them in Nivea My Silhouette and they seem to have toned up. May all be in my imagination though :( You can find great tonning videos on youtube if your stuck for inspiration on exercises :)

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