Useful goal setting software


I think this is probably the best place for this link. It's a piece of software that I use and it occurred to me that some of you might find it useful too. It's called GoalPro and it's a bit like Project but for individual goals. As well as keeping track of your goals and tasks it goes through things like setting personal creeds and questions geared towards your personal goals.

You can use it to micromanage your daily life to whatever extent you like - I even have it tell me when to drink water and when to eat, which sounds mad but I can't clog up my calendar programme with these tasks because then I'd never be able to see what work I had to do (now there's a thought...)

There's a 15 day free trial of the software so have a look:

Success Studios GoalPro 6.0

Disclaimer: I make no money from this link!