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As some of you will know, before my weight gain I was on the skinny side. It wasn’t a food issue, I was just naturally slim & from a young age did a lot of working out – to the point that at uni I was possibly obsessive (up to 3 hours a day, 6 days a week). During my teens & up until 21 I didn’t have regular *cough* ladies business & ended up taking medication which was what started the weight gain. Comfort eating because of weight & lack of motivation added to this & voila, here I am. I gained in the region of 3 stone & pretty much stopped exercising at one point, & it’s been fit-and-starty since.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to get into a steady routine to ensure I do regular exercise, in moderation, that’s maintainable. My losses have never been massively high but steady, & now I am at the final push I know I need some addition help. I am planning to do at least 30 minutes of cardio (45mins ideally) 4-5 times a week. This will mostly be done at home using workout DVDs (cancelling gym to help save money for wedding).

I was trying to plan my evenings to suit eating & working out. I wanted to make sure I ate at the right time to ensure optimising the benefits of exercise & also that I didn’t get into bad habits of being too OTT again. It pains me that since 16 my weight has always been an issue – too skinny, then overweight. I found this really good information online and thought it would be good to share…


P.S Sorry it's long - I was going to cut it down but thought it might be useful to show that weight issues can come from many sources & are always hard to turn around in one way or another...and the risks of being too far in either extreme
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Very useful to read Hun..thank you!



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Great Article. Thanks for letting us know about it. It's good as I always wonder how to eat before and after gym etc... Plus I used to be one of those yo-yo eaters where I would go without breakfast or eat so little and I wouldn't be hungry for days etc...and then binge. I even used to try to get to that mode because it made me feel that I was working to lose weight. It was only in that strictness that I could control my food....but then obviously I would binge....hence the weight gain.

Never again need on SW, it's great..It's eat more to lose weight. A healthy balanced Lifestyle.

xx :)


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That's a really useful article. I shall always bear that in mind and try to get a snack in soon after a workout. Normally I've eaten a short while before I exercise.

It always annoys me when some people who are 'on a diet' say they don't have breakfast and are pleased with themselves because they think they are being good. They just aren't doing themselves any favours.