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Hi All.
How often do you have to get the "green" book out to check the syn value of a day to day item?
Here is my first attempt, please feel free to add to it as required.The idea will be to keep it to a A4 size that can be laminated and pinned up in the kitchen!


1 level Tsp=1 syn
28g=5 syn

Apple Sauce

1 level Tbsp=1 syn

Baking Powder

1 level Tsp=0.5 syn

Brown Sauce

1 level Tbsp=1 syn


1 level Tsp=1.0 syn
1 level Tbsp=3.5 syn
28g=5.0 syn

Cranberry Sauce

1 level Tbsp=1 syn

French dressing

1 level Tbsp =3.5 syn

Horseradish Sauce

1 level Tbsp=1.0 syn


1 level Tsp=2 syn
1 level Tbsp=6 syn

Oyster Sauce

1 level Tbsp=3.5 syn


Standard Mayo
1 level Tbsp=5.0 syn

Extra Light
1 level Tbsp=0.5 syn

Standard Mint Sauce (with Sugar)

1 level Tbsp=1.0 syn

Sweet Chilli Sauce

1 level Tbsp=1.5 syn

Tomato Ketchup

1 level Tbsp=1.0 syn

Tomato Puree

1 level Tbsp=0.5 syn
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I have a similar one pinned to the inside of my food cupboard. I also have a list of the amounts of meat, fish cheese,nuts etc for a healthy extra portion.