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Using syns on Healthy Foods

As i'm getting closer to goal, it is getting slightly harder to shift the lbs, so I am setting myself a goal this week of using all my syns, but rather than on junk food and chocolate, I'm gonna try and use them on foods like;

Advacados (full of healthy fats)
and nuts and raisans or an extra slice of wholemeal bread, an extra splash of olive oil.

Anybody got any other healthy ideas of what I could use my syns on?
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toasted pine nuts over a salad :)

a glass of orange juice with breakfast :)

walnuts and honey on top of some natural yog :)

munchy seeds as a snack, these are lush, I order mine on the internet :)

medjool dates :)

wholefoods peanut butter, a healthy crunchy no salt/sugar version :)


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Have you tried changing your routine in respect of what you eat. I find that if I switch it up a bit the weight moves quicker. Apparently your body gets used to the same foods so it's supposed to give you a wee kick start again. That is if you are used to eating the same things etc. Might be worth a try if you don't already do that.
I started doing this a few months ago when I started to work out a lot more- It is lovely to be eating peanut butter again (and I find I don't really miss the chocolate)

Like you, I eat avocado, almonds, sultanas, oil. In addition I also have houmous, peanut butter, milled linseed, guacamole, olives, smoothies and wholegrain bread.

Favourite snacks:

Peanut butter and linseed on a slice multigrain toast topped with sliced banana
Multiseed pitta with turkey, spinach and guacamole
20 almonds
2 small boxes raisins
Nakd bars from Holland and Barrett (dried fruit and nuts for on the go)
Houmous and vegetable crudite
Homemade popcorn, popped in sesame oil
A 'protein' shake for after the gym made with whizzed banana, chocolate milk, skimmed milk, cocoa powder, ice and linseed
Houmous, olives and grated carrot on wholemeal pitta

My skin has improved so much! It now glows

Wow !!!
A Massive thankyou, these are some great ideas. Can't wait to try them out. I love guacamole, pitta bread, peanut butter and I love smoothies and orange juice but stopped when found out were syns. But will have again as syns and feel healthier for it.

That has been a massive help. Thankyou so so much. Here's to getting rid of the last stone :D
Good luck mate- another tip if ypu love pittas, try and get the 'Food Dr' pittas which have lots of added seeds and linseeds for an EXTRA healthy boost

I also like looking at the 'Womens Health' website and it's ,meal planners to get general inspiration- I don't follow them rigidly- I just like getting healthy new ideas for meals (It is a bit 'American' but most of it makes sense)

Your Best Body Meal Plan Week 1 | Women's Health Magazine
I'm just at the start of my weight loss journey but am thinking of doing this because having the 'treats' in the house is too much temptation. And I do really miss Avocado, nuts, seeds, smoothies, nut butters, and oils.

I think it's a matter of convincing myself I'd rather have an avocado than a bar of choc, or raw nuts rather than crisps.


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Wicca303, if that's all you have in the house then you've got no choice!
What a great idea. I think I will try to adopt this as part of my new get back to target regime.

I love avocado and never have it so I will add these to my shopping list.

I also love a sprinkle of almonds on a curry or sultanas in a carrot and onion salad. I love dried apricots in a tagine and I never have any of these things.

I always say I don't eat processed foods but I'll eat chocolate, crisps and other such things and they are processed.

Time for a radical rethink.


what a great idea.

I had started having an extra heb in my syns but use the ones that are written in the book, so I think I may branch out and try something different.

Thanks for the idea, it seems so simple really but had not really thought about having a slice of seeded bread (which I love) in my syns :eek: how many syns are those food dr pittas CP and where can I get them please x

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