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uuugg hungery already!!


I will get into that wedding dress!


Wants it Gone!
Oh how evil of them!!! Resist the temptation hun, it WILL get better.... keep the water handy and drink best of luck you can do it!!!


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I hate living with people lol my bf and kids love there food and never put on weight and it smells soooo good lol but keep with it and it will be worth it in the end.
Get a grip of yourself women, hungry bloody hungry I will tell you what hungry is not eating nothing for weeks on end stranded in the Sahara without food sipping urine eating sand, not stop thinking about it and drink some water xx


I will get into that wedding dress!
thanks hunny i knew i could rely on you!!!!
sipping WEE?!?!!??! :confused::sign0137::sign0137::sign0137:
LOL @ wee

Keep going Emmie, you CAN do it!
Your welcome always here for ya xxxx


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fattothin your so funny lol X
you dont mince your words!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mince xxx


I will get into that wedding dress!
mmmmmmmmmm spag bol!!!!!!!!! chilli!!!!!!!!!!! OMG this is proving harder than i thought!!
going to brush my teeth to take the hunger away!!!
dont eat the tooth paste it will slow your transition into ketosis lol xxx


weighs a lot less
emmie go do something to take your mind off food ,this hunger isnt gonna last that long ,you can do this ,more water and an early night xx
Yep, keep as busy as you can, keep your mind off food, it will pass


I will get into that wedding dress!
early night i wish!!!!!!! i own a pub!! and tonight i have all the Pool Teams tea todo!! sausage and chips!!
wow gosh must be hard working in a pub, i find it hard with my 2 little ones making them scrummy home made dishes!
plus work 2 days at a nursey too, and they have all home made food and they always put enough out for staff, i hate nursey dinner times! ;)


Posts when she can
Ive started to bulk cook the baby food and freeze it. It helps ... wish i could do that for the older kids. I seem to live in the bloody kitchen...

Week 1 -12 15st 4lb
Week 2 - 6 14st 12lb
Week 3 - 7 14st 4lb
Week 4 - 7 13st 12lb
Week 5 - 4 13st 8lb
Week 6 - 6 13st 2lb
Week 7 -5 12st 12lb
my youngest is just turned one now so i just do him and my 2 yr girl the same and leave them to it whilst i watch tv! or log on here.
Treated them today with a twister lolly and some crisps!! been really hard as they did'nt eat hardly any of there crisps so they were just there.... but i just downed a pint of water! - and thought about my pink themed party in 3 weeks - and how much i wanna look as good as my mates in our pink tutu's! lol xx
Keep Going Emmie you can do it!!!!

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