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valerie11's food diary

thurs 14th may

2 weetabix with skimmed milk

bacon & mushroom omelette

couscous and stir fry veg
mullerlight yoghurt
alpen bar - taken as healthy extra

caramel snack a jacks :)
fri 15th may

2 weetabix with skimmed milk

4 slices turkey
carrots, greenbeans

2 eggs on toast

peas - 1,yorkshire pud -3, shapers blueberry bar -4.5, shapers mint bar - 4, gravy -1 and cranberry sauce- 1= 14.5 syns
friday 29th may

breakfast: 28g puffed wheat and milk taken from h/eb and- 350 ml sk milk- h/ea

lunch: 3 rashers bacon and 2 eggs fried in frylight

dinner: wafer thin ham and lettuce

snacks: mullerlight yoghurt, mango and banana

tortilla wrap - 8.5
sweet chilli sauce - 2

had a setback for a while back on track now
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saturday 30th may

breakfast: 2 alpen light apple and sultana h/ex b

lunch: banana and apple

dinner: 2 quorn peppered fillets, couscous and salad

350ml skimmed milk for drinks through the day h/ex a

syns: milk jelly- 2
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sunday 31st may

breakfast: 2 alpen light apple and sultana bars- 1 h/ex b

350ml skimmed milk for drinks- 1 h/ex a

lunch: 4 rashers bacon and scrambled egg and grilled tomato

dinner: chicken and lettuce wrap with light mayo and chilli sauce

snack: sliced mango and banana with 2 w/w yogs

syns: wrap - 8.5 mayo- 2 chilli sauce -2 2w/w yogs - 2 total = 14.5
tues 2nd june

breakfast: 2 weetabix h/ex b
350 ml skimmed milk h/ex a

lunch: chicken and lettuce wrap with chilli sauce and very light mayo

dinner: ham salad

syns: wrap 8.5 asda orange bar x3 13.5 oops then had an asda twix bar small size then had icecream with microwaved jam on top, was feeling stressed out going to london for this morning to how off my cellulite, want to do it but feeling very nervous so fed my face then was annoyed with myself for doing it never mind new day tomorrow !!!!!!:(
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friday 5th june

breakfast: mullerlight yoghurt, 350ml skimmed milk (h/ex a) for drinks 2 alpen light bars (h/ex b)

lunch: 2 eggs cooked in frylight and 2 rashers bacon

dinner: sliced chicken salad

snacks & syns:

tomato ketchup - 2 salad cream - 2 mullerlight milk jelly - 2
banana, peach

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