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Vanessa Feltz

I saw Vanessa Feltz on BBBM the other night - she's obviously lost a lot of weight and looks fantastic!

I heard her on the radio recently (BBC London) saying that she's been on a diet for about 12 weeks, but she didn't mention which one she was on. Does anyone know? :rolleyes:
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I loved wife swap where she was living with Paul Daniels:)


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Thanks Zoe for the link she does look like she has lost a lot of weight, her double chin is gone!!!

She looks fab!
Yeah - bless her!!

I mean - us mere mortals think we have it bad when we lose weight then put it on again but imagine how horrific it must be when the paparazzi highlight your weight struggles to the entire country!! AAARGH!! I would just DIE!

I think she rocks big time!!

Thanks for posting that link Bondgirl :)

She's a bit of a heroine of mine (being a fellow Jewish fatbird-gone-slim-gone-fat again-gone slim etc. etc. :rolleyes:) and I try to listen to her phone-in programme on BBC Radio London every morning if I get the chance.

I agree with Isobel that it must be far worse for her than the rest of us as she has to be so public with her weight struggles, and I've always admired her openness and honesty about her life/loves and general ups and downs (not just weight related either!)

Maybe someone should tell her about Minimins so she can also make use of the best weightloss support site on the internet eh? :rolleyes: :D


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ahhh i thought i was the only person who likes vanessa. she does look fab and i think she handles the media well. she knows herself and doesnt care what people think of her whilst still being mindful to be decent/respectful of others despite the bad rap she gets. shes fab!
Just thinking about my previous post about Vanessa being made aware of our site, I've just emailed this to her team (using the link on the BBC Radio London site which requests ideas for agenda items).

Hi Vanessa and team

It's not an agenda item as such, but I thought Vanessa might like to view the attached link from the Weightloss Support Forum, Minimins.com.

I'm sure Vanessa would be delighted to see how many people admire and support her in her weightloss journey - as we do with each other on a daily basis on the forum.


Congratulations Vanessa - you look fab!
well done to her, she looks amazing! :)


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I've always thought she was a very genuine person, she clearly has issues with her weight like we all day and it must be tougher for her as the world is watching her weight!

Good on her.


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