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Vanilla shake!!!!!

hi sorry its gona sound gross but. when i went to the chemist for my weeks supply he said i only have the Chocolate and the vanilla so i said ok and took both then when i got home i tried the vanilla and it is disgusting the chocolate is lovely. any way ran out of chocolate yesterday so i had to have some vanilla and guess what it make me sick litterally so i needed to take another last night so i rang lipotrim and explained it all to a DR (someone American ) and he said it was fine to have a pint of skimmed milk instead on the shake as it is what the shake is and has about the same amount of viatmins. so i suppose that means you can possibly substitute a shake for a drink to make them last as long also i an in kenosis and have had two pints of milk because i have my first weigh in today so i wanst having another vanilla and i am still in kenosis
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Have you tried going back to chemist today and swapping some shakes for a better flavour.They may have got some more in by now. I had loads of problems getting the flavours i wanted so in the end i swapped pharmacy as there are a few near me who do the program. They never have problems so why others do i don't know. At worst they have been able to get what i want within 24hrs. I completely agree about vanilla shakes the make me gag. The only way to bear them actually came from a frien of mine on lighter life. She makes up a vanilla shake and keeps it in fridge using it as a milk substitute in her coffee throughout the day and that seems to work quite well.
Vanilla Shake

i love the vanilla shakes however have had 2 in my last batch over this weekend which where undrinkable. I am wondering whether it is from a faulty batch. The batch no is L SK174-12-2 then 14:03 is this the same batch no as yours?


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the vanilla do ming , but i blend with ice, coffee and sweetners, yummy i love them, tastes like caramel
yes it is the same number they just taste like crap any way had my first weigh in lost 13lbs wow i had a meal last night unavoidable but i am back on it now so what will this do to me?
well after my first weigh in i thought i would try the chicken soup and it had the same effect on me
i was as sick as a dog and now have a blotchy red face where the blood vessells have burst lol:cry:
i guess its trial n error and we r all different ,i quite like the vanilla :p so maybe the chicken will work for u


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yes it is the same number they just taste like crap any way had my first weigh in lost 13lbs wow i had a meal last night unavoidable but i am back on it now so what will this do to me?
Depending what you had (and unless it was something like a very plain chicken salad), it will have knocked you out of ketosis, meaning your body will have to get back into it before it starts burning fat at the rate it was. In short, it will probably slow down your loss this week.

Well done on your loss, but you'll really have to make those "unavoidable" meals avoidable.
Going back to the first post and the Dr saying you can have skimmed milk..........do you think this means I can put skimmed milk in a cup of tea a few times a day if i only drink 2/3 of my evening shake?

I really miss a cup of tea............. :(

Hi I was the same I used to have milk in my tea but now I have it black but it does have to be very weak and Ive cut my sacarine to half you do get used to it and even my husband has his tea black, and we buy no milk now and you still enjoy your tea promise lol


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Did not think you could have any at all. Do try the coffee as I'm the same with the vannilla. I put coffee in the choc one to just to make a change, I hate the strawberry one. I have made a peppermint tea let it cool and put it in the fridge and then used it to mix with the choc tastes ok, Just check with others that we are alowed pepppermint tea?


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Sarahb... peppermint tea is allowed. Any LEAF tea is. You cant have tea made from berries or flowers!

Hope this helps!

Niamh xxx
you could try mixing half a vanilla half a strawberry with ice and water- makes both taste nicer in my opinion!

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