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VCLD Virgin

Hi everyone!

I have been on minis for a while now, mainly lurking while following a healthy eating/low cal plan.

I have decided to try exante to up my rate of weigh loss and the price is great so that really helps the student budget.

This section of the forum seems really busy and friendly so hopefully I can get to know you all and we can support each other.

I got my parcel today at 8.30am so I had a chocolate shake for breakfast and a chocolate orange bar for lunch.

I was very shocked at how salty the shake was but this could just be because I have given up salt recently.

I liked the bar, but not so much I would want to eat more than one - which is definatly a good thing.

I've never done a VLCD before so just wondering that when in ketosis does the hunger really go or just reduce?

Also if anyone has any suggestions on which is the best flavour soup, as I plan on having one for dinner and none of the flavours are really calling to me.

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Welcome, and good luck :)

I'd say ketosis doesn't take away your hunger, it just reduces it.
I'm not hungry some days, but then today I'm very hungry! Comes and goes.

The flavours are very subjective. Everyone on here likes different ones.
My personal favorite is the vegetable. And I've seen least people complain about that ;-)
So I'd say it's your safest option


I will never give up
Yep veg or thai chic good luck hopefully youll be in ketosis day 3 or 4 and you might get really high for a few days then reality kicks in and emotional hunger is what you will have to deal with but just keep drinking water and keep posting on here and you can do it.
Good luck to you! I'm on day 3 and I've had the Thai chicken and Mushroom soups so far and I must say I enjoyed the chicken more, but the mushroom wasn't so bad either :) gonna brave the tomato one tommorow as this seems to be everyone's least fave!
I don't like any of them and have to smile and swallow and just get them down me! I'm not ordering them again, no way. Good luck though, you may like them. It's hot shakes all the way for me!xoxo
Thanks for all you comments!

I went with the vegetble soup, and didn't find it to bad really.

I think something is happening already, as for the past four days I've been keeping to quite a low amount of calories and toight I feel really funny, kinda like when your coming down with a bug - really tired, dizzy and a bit spaced out!
I feel quite happy now I've tried a soup, as I actually hate soup and would never normaly eat it so I'm glad I managed to get it down without to much trouble.

I'll be interested to see how my tastes changes over the couse of the diet.
Hi there and welcome to Exante. I would say that the feelings you say you are having are the beginnings of carb withdrawl symptoms. Keep strong it only usually lasts a day or two and then you will feel great. I too hate all of the soups but love everything else but you will soon find out your own preferences as time goes by. Good luck xx
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