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  1. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Ok, here goes...

    ....not sure if anyone will read this but I am determined to lose my excess (and excessive) weight this time, after trying countless diets since the age of about 16, I feel that this could be the one for me. By starting this diary, not only will it be offering support to anyone who wants to read or post, I also feel it will keep me motivated. If I am doing daily updates, there is nowhere for me to hide and I can't have bar of dairy milk on the sly and kid myself its fine cos you guys will all be able to see if I am actually shifting these pounds!

    I am starting my first day on Sole Source tomorrow (2.03.14) and am feeling ALL the emotions, nervous, excited, anxious, hopeful, daunted, determined, dubious, motivated.......

    I hope anyone who reads this and wants to join me on my journey will subscribe to this thread. Lets all get posting, sharing our stories of success, hints, tips and everything Cambridge so that the experience is positive and successful for all who want to succeed.

    Cambridge Weight Plan, I'm ready for ya......come at me!!!
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  3. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    Well done for starting! Good luck with your journey, it's hard but results are worth it xx

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  4. Ellieblah

    Ellieblah Full Member

    Woo Vdub :) keep updating your diary it is also good for you to look back and see all you've achieved :) but still come chat to me on my thread lol!
  5. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Good luck on your journey...kepe us updated on how you're going :)
  6. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Hi Vdub

    Good on ya girl! Love that attitude! Yep this losing weight lark is tough at times but the results on this diet in the time you're on it are soooo worth it! I'll defo be subscribing and looking forward to seeing your progress! I'm on day 2 after too many restarts but I'm determined to crack this! So many inspiring journeys on here and soon ours will be too!

    Lou x
  7. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Follow the plan to the letter and every week will be a little easier. best of luck!
  8. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Wahooo, starting is the hardest task! You can do this, your motivation is so strong! How has your first day been? xx
  9. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    Popping by to follow since I start tomorrow so our first week weigh in will be almost the same!!!

    How much do you have to lose.

    Knowing what I know from previous attempts. The key is in the water. Do not
    Skimp on the water!!!!

    Good luck

  10. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    How's it going vdub?! Xx
  11. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Hey Everyone! So I am on day 4, been 100% so far, I have been so so hungry but not hungry enough to cheat. Realisation is sinking in that I wont have a treat waiting for me at the end of the week and I am in it for the long haul.

    Not really finding the water a problem and so far not experienced any side effects, I think I have been quite lucky with that. I have worked out what I like and dont like food wise and know to steer clear of the soup and porridges....yuck!!

    I am on 4 packs a day though, because of my BMI, and my CC also said I could have 1 pint of skimmed milk, but that seems too much so I have just been having 200ml. Cannot wait for my WI, resisting temptation to weigh myself is hard!

    How has everyone else got on so far this week?

    Betties Revenge - Welcome to my thread!! I have quite alot of weight to lose, my first target is 4 stone, but my ultimate goal is to lose 8-10 stone!! How are you getting on?
  12. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    I'm on day three, so hopefully tomorrow I will get a visit from the keto fairy!

    I'm starving like Marvin.

    A while ago during one of my previous attempts at CWP there was an amazing woman called spangles who lost around that amount!!!! So so so inspirational. Her thread was called deflating the bouncy castle. Search for it and see what can be done in a very short time!

    I'm off to bed soon. Can't wait for tomorrow.
  13. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Bed is sometimes the best place to go when you are feeling a bit peckish! I find myself jumping out of bed on a morning for my shake, and that is not like me at all!! ha!

    I will search for that thread, there is another girl on here, she has lost 9 stone in 10 months and looks completely fabulous, totally unrecognisable. Her thread is called 9 stone off so far. Check her out!

    Maybe one day people will be directing newbies to our threads cos we have done so well!!
  14. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Hi everyone. How are you all feeling today? I am on day 5, no serious side effects yet, still feel quite energetic and no headaches, but I am soooooo bloated!! Honestly, I can't even fit my shakes in with all this water sloshing around it my tummy!

    I am supposed to be having a PINT of skimmed milk aswell everyday! I don't know how I am supposed to for it all in!!
  15. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    This coming from the girl who a week ago was having 5 meals a day!!!
  16. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Wahooo well done the first 5 days are supposed to be the toughest so your nailing this! xx
  17. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Ok, end of day five. Supposed to have 4 packs a day, but only had three today, I am so so full, i really can't fit another shake in!! I have never drank so much water in my life, I hope this has a positive effect on my skin as well as my ass!!

    Had my first social event tonight with people who dont know I am doing Cambridge. Just at my house, cooked some pizzas and potato wedges for others and managed not to cheat! So so so proud of myself. Just told the other people I wasn't feeling hungry, I dint really wanna put this info out into the open just yet!

    Hope everyone is doing good today!
  18. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Haven't had a social event yet :/ don't know how I'm going to do it! Your willpower is awesome! X
  19. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Thanks Stacey! I am just so determined to not be a fatty anymore!!

    I found it quite easy actually, I just feel like i am not paying this amount of money and putting myself through this day to day to give it all up for a slice of pizza! You will do fine when it comes to it I'm sure.
  20. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    That's amazing!!!!! Well done you.
  21. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Wow, so Friday night is here and I think this might be my toughest test yet. Usually a yummy tea and a fruit cider await me on a Friday Eve! And maybe a cake or a bag of minstrels. Instead, I have just had a banana shake.

    I feel a bit rubbish today, i have a headache (which could be something to do with my working week) and feel totally irritated!

    What is everyone up to tonight?

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