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Veg Question lol

Lol have answered my own question its carbs and sugars in them although the cauliflower didnt seem too bad x


Feeling great in 2012!
Have to admit I do have cauliflower. I looked at the list of Atkins induction vegetables and it's on there so I have it. Can't see how it's much different to broccoli to be honest. I don't have carrots due to the carbs. Not sure about Spanish onion. I do have spring onions and shallots but not sure whether there are many more carbs in Spanish onion to be honest.

I'd keep the veggies / salad on the low side until you're in ketosis though in case they interfere with you getting there and this diet is far easier once you reach that stage.
Thank you yes the carrots and spanish onion are a def no no but like you say i couldnt see a great deal of diff between cauliflower and brocolli either when i looked at the nutritional details.

Thanks for the point about waiting a few days, Im still full from my porridge lol but willtry either the spag bol or choc bar next - cant make up my mind lol x


Feeling great in 2012!
I do the same as borders; look at the atkins website and if i'm hungry, make something from one of their recipes, it's done me no harm so far! ^_^
Must look at your list - seems kebab and pitta are on there! ;)

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