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Veg water flavouring


loving life
Hi all, was wondering if anyone has tried the veg water flavouring. I am thinking of getting some on monday when I see my cdc for when I'm craving a savoury taste in the evening.

I'm hoping it's the equivalent of a bovril or a veg cuppa soup etc. If anyone has tried it and can let me know what it's like I would very much appreciate it as my cdc charges £6 for a tub and I don't want to waste the money if it's gross. Thanks. Zoe xx
ps posted in here as well as cd 100% forum as no answer yet :( maybe no one has tried it!
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I'm hoping it's the equivalent of a bovril or a veg cuppa soup etc.
got it in 1 !! that's what it's like....it helps to relieve the craving for a savoury something....IYKWIM :rolleyes:

Debz x


loving life
Thanks Debz. Zoe xx


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I am a fan of the savory mix...its kinda like a veg stock cube tasting mix. I dont get on with black coffee and tea...yuk....but a hot cup of the mix tastes good to me. I go easy on it though as it is expensive!!
zoe I love it........when I'm craving something savoury (usually at work) I have a large mugful.....you only need a teaspoon. Imagasil, try adding a spoonful of your vanilla shake to your black coffee and whisking like mad makes a nice latte! xxx
Ask if she can give you a sample of it? i got a sample of the berry water flavouring yesterday, they should be able to help you out!! If not, its certainly worth a try!. x


loving life
Thanks girls-will give it a go. Zoe xx
Try marigold bouillon instead(it's the same stuff and a lot cheaper)-the green one with an orange lid-it's in Tesco and Sainsbury's-not sure where else.Limit is one teaspoon a day-I find half is enough for a cup.


loving life
Thanks Polishrose. Zoe x
Thanks Furrysmudge...you've given me hope :) will definitely give that a try.

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