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Slow but sure....
I eat mainly salad's especially at the moment with the hotter weather, but I do try to eat a variety of veggies when I can, but as Squiddie says all salads and veggies are good for you and free on SW, so enjoy them all. X
im the same i eat more salads but my consultant has told me i should bring up my veg intake to get the bigger losses hmm seems different consultants say different things, mine is dead against saving syns up for a treat, she pushes flexi syns and it seems to work well x
I agree erinsmummy, I think all consultants are different, mine seems quite relaxed with flexi syns/saving them up. I think she would probably plug flexi more if your losses were slower? I have had good losses so far, so will continue doing what i'm doing I think!


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I unfortunately despise salad (I've tried believe me) so I make up for it with loads of other vegetables. I think as long as you're eating some vegetables (including salad) then it's fine.

Roz V

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Thankfully, I absolutely adore all fruit, vegetables and salad items! Can't imagine how you survive without loads! Still, better than a friend of mine - her husband will eat very few, and he's a vegetarian!!!


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Just make sure you have a good selection of colours in your veg and you'll be ok. Peppers are stuffed with vitaminc tomatoes stop you getting cancer, baby spinach and rocket have iron. Enjoy them ! ( I grow my own so they're even fresher!)


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I'm the opposite, I'm not a big fan of fruit, I like apples, strawberries, grapes and kiwi's and that's about it. But I do like a big range of veg, but not cauliflower, sprouts or brocclii. I think I'm still 5, and throw my greens up the wall :p


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ha ha squiddie - I can just imagine you throwing sprouts up the wall!!

As the others have said, as long as you eat your 5 a day it doesn't matter where they come from, just try to eat different colours (red pepper, green lettuce, orange carrots etc etc). I think a lot of us are on salad at the moment rather than veg so don't worry!


Slow but sure....
You don't like the humble sprout Squiddie!!!.....I love em and could eat them all the time, try them mashed with potato and fried in a little Frylight spray Oil, 'Bubble & Squeak' lovely, especially with a dollop of HP sauce.....yummy. X

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