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Veggie Qu

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Hi everyone!

I'm hoping a CDC will answer this but all comments are more than welcome. I'm a vegetarian...but a strange one.

I don't eat any meat, chicken, fish, tofu or cottage cheese (see where this is going). I also don't eat any sauces, soups or most vegetables. I only like raw carrots, lettuce, peas and potatoes. I basically have a very plain diet which is healthy and balanced. I went off the rails in the last year and ate pure rubbish after an injury, hence the weight.

I'm going to have trouble moving up the plans and my CDC is slightly stumped as to what to tell me.

I need suggestions of what I could eat instead? Thanks!
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The only other protein sources you could have would be the eggs, and beans, which are available on a higher plan.

If you are only eating raw carrots, lettuce, peas and potatoes you are not getting enough protein, B12, calcium etc.

What do you eat "normally" pre accident? anything except the above?

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
I'm afraid I don't eat eggs or beans!

I don't get B12 as the main source of that is meat so I take supplements on that front. I eat dairy products and certainly do get enough calcium. That's not all the food I eat, i was just explaining the veg side coz I figured someone would suggest I eat the allowed vegetables.

I've had my diet analysed by a nutritionist and it's balanced. I eat plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds to get around any vitamins and minerals I miss out on by being a veggie. Dinner wise I'd have plain pasta, plain rice or potatoes. I wouldn't have them every day though.

I'm just wondering what I'll do when I get on to the 810 plan? The last thing I'd want is to lose all the weight and screw up at the final hurdle

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Haha thanks anyway!! I'm awful trouble really :p Once I get past the 810 and 1000 stages I'll be fine but just don't wanna OD on the carbs too early.

The joys of being a vegetarian...carb based diet :)


Stubborn tortoise
I was vegan for 8 years (long before CD)... veggie still... but I'm also worried too about where your protein comes from? Just nuts & milk? Fortified soya milk? D'you have tempeh or feta at all? Feta is very lo-cal & I had that sometimes on 810. Had quorn almost daily on 810, do you eat that?
You do need protein on 810... once you get to BMI 25 you need to add extra protein to the diet to stop your body from burning up lean muscle tissue. So it's not enough to just have the veggies, it's the protein that matters really. D'you have lentils/aduki beans/mung beans? Maybe add them in, although they are higher in carbs than the official options?
If your aversion to tofu is based on taste, can you flavour it highly & liquidise maybe?
Hope you work something out.


Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Hi Katy cakes,

Thanks for the suggestions but no I don't eat feta, quorn or lentils. I'll never eat tofu. There is nothing wrong with my diet though. As I've explained above I've been to a nutritionist (she's the nutritionist to the Ireland rugby team) and my diet is balanced. You can't explain on a forum exactly everything you eat. I also have my bloods checked fairly often and they always come out perfect in all vitamins and minerals including protein. Every time I get a new doctor they have the same concerns as you but after checking out my health they tell me my diet is fine. I've never once eaten meat in my life and my body has adjusted to that.

Not looking good for me moving up the plans


Stubborn tortoise
Maybe your nutritionist can advise on protein options that would work for you... you Do need protein after SS to stop the body from 'eating' up your lean tissue once your BMI goes to 25 or below. That's my concern really, not that your everyday diet is in any way unhealthy.
I was vegan for 8 years and had my two children as a vegan, docs were horrified & full of warnings, but my iron levels were higher than those of meat-eaters and I had two healthy, fab babies... I am all for veggie eating!
Good luck with whatever you do... you're making great progress!


Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Oooh interesting question :D:D and one I wish I could have time to look into because it interests me.

810 is really about extra protein to help prevent muscle wastage and keeping your carbs still low so you stay in ketosis. Some people have more carbs on SS+ than they do on 810.

There's a fab program called Perfect Diet Tracker (thread details in the maintenance section) It's free for 7 days. You could make up some sample 810 and 1000 plans to see the carb, protein and fat content and then work out what you can eat in order to try and get similar combinations, or at least protein amounts.
hi I'm a "strange" veggie too as I don't like quorn, tofu or eggs I just don't like taste/texture of meat. I will sometimes eat tuna but not very often and prefer chick peas lentil etc, so the above posts are really useful to me

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Wayhey! Glad being a weirdo managed to help someone else :D It's harder to do this when you're a veggie but we'll figure some way to sort it out thanks to all these very helpful posts.

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