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Veggie refeeding if you don't like Quorn or tofu???


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I am no way near refeed or ever got to that stage , hopefully another "veggie" will be along to help......have you asked who you get your LT from....they will be able to help....

Good luck


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im veggie. is it just cause you dont like the taste or it disagrees with you. if its the former id say just put up with it as its only temporary. if its the latter, obviously youll have to get advise from lipotrim. give them a ring. they are mostly helpful but advise just tend to differ from person to person unfortunately.

h x


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Hmmmm, well how about you tell us what sort of things you ate before and im sure we can put something together that would be suitable for your refeed. :)
I don't like Quorn or Tofu but like Soya they also give me a really bad stomach! I'm a sensitive soul!
Eggs I don't generally eat on their own, I can manage omlette if I must! I'm ok with them 'in things'. I used to eat lots of veg & fruit, cheese, bit of rice & pasta, not a big bread eater. Salads, stir frys, jacket spuds that sort of thing. I was bad & got my Lipotrim from eBay as I live in Bulgaria now.
I was wondering if I did the refeed thing with the 2 shakes a day then eventually the one and ate salads and stuff no huge carbs if that would be ok?
Good question?!
I also made curries and stuff with Paneer in, the Indian cheese.
I guess protein from nuts & seeds, beans, cheese & yogurt?

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