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venting...seriously beeped off!


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Normally I love the snow but the past 30hrs have been an absolute disaster.....
Been looking forward to putting xmas tree up since september (lyterally). Got my daughter her first advent calendar this year and I've missed being able to see her open the first day cos it's stranded elsewhere.
Husbands had a disaster.
Me and the kids are stranded at my parents house OH's stranded at our house.
Completely fed up and on top of this the house is devoid of all vege or salad or fruit or wholemeal bread.... However my dad has taken to cooking masses of biscuits and white bread rolls.....
Only just got back on plan after my son was born a few weeks ago, second week in and it's already goin to ****.
I'm perhaps being a bit of a drama queen (apart from am v stressed about OH poss loosing his job). Anybody else need to vent? lol
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kerry b

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Me Me Me! Please. This is a great idea

I HATE THE SNOW. WE are trying to sell our house at the moment and the snow isnt doing much to help. There is about 3-4 foot of snow in our street so no cars able to get in or out, not a good advert for living here. There has been so much snow that the 6+ foot hedge in the back garden has collapsed under the weight of the snow and is now lying on it's side. We will have to hire a chainsaw to get rid of it when the snow disappears and replace it with a fence which is going to cost a fortune. Our front gate fell off the wall yesterday. We will have to have the wall repointed then get a blacksmith to put the gate back on. More bloody money. Hubby works in Fife so im a nervous wreck while he is travelling to and from work. My almost 3yr old is literally bouncing off the walls because he has had no exercise since Friday last week. We have run out of fruit and veg again. Sent hubby on a 3 mile trek to the shops yesterday and he came back with full fat sausages pringles bluberry muffins and full fat galaxy hot choc instead of the highlights i asked for. Apparently these were treats to cheer me up . HELLLO???? Im seriously thinking about not weighing in ths week as I dont see how I could possibly have lost anything. My shopping list is getting longer and longer but I can only buy what I can carry in 2 bags as I have to take my son shopping with me so need a free hand for him. I have tuely had enough. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH

Jooloo, hope you and your OH are reunited soon.

Thank you for the vent. I will remain sane for a few more hours:D


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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
Hehe your snow sounds as bad as ours!
Have just been reunited with him....
hope things improve with selling your house
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oh poor u thought snow was bad enough where i live and its only 10 inches lol :)


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Everything looks prettier in the snow :D

I'm still off work after loosing job and relapsing so i'm usually stuck in the house anyway :p, alas we haven't had much snow here yet it's just bloody cold. Soooooo cold. I have to wear a wooly hat and a grandad cardy under my jacket. It's not right.

Supposed to be moving into my own little flat on Monday and I got told the electric has been illegally switched off due to the previous occupier and it may have to go to court to get it turned back on!

Just got a paper cut, stings like *******.

Oh and to top it all just got into 34inch waist jeans, yay, and now they're getting too big. Only had them a week!

Not really that much of a vent really. I'm supposed to be all bitter, twisted and angry. Don't know what's wrong with me anymore, it's just washing over me.
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I can't get to my boogie bounce class because of the stupid weather, so hardly any exercise for me and *someone* in my house drank half of my options hot chocolates! Argh!

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