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Very disheartened!

Hey all! Im new to this place! Thought id try and post and see what advice etc you all can do for me!

Im gettin married next Sept (08) and id LOVE to loose a nice stone n half! Im currently 11stone 11 and id love to get to at least 10 and a half! Ive been trying to loose weight now since 22 Jan and ive lost 1 meesly lb! Ive been exercising 3 times a week - 20 mins on bike (started 30 mins since last mon) 10 mins on stepper, ab work, and weights for arms. I have now changed my regime and made a tougher workout. Ive been eatin well, its not that i eat crap etc. I just wd love to get to my target weight, its VERY DISHEARTENING standing on the scales after ive sweated like apig and been so good and nothin off again this wk!

I jus dont know what to do any more! How on earth do you all keep motivated??!!

I need help!!

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It is very difficult to lose weight through exercise alone - you do have to adapt your diet as well if you want to see quick results. In order to lose a pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories. You probably burn around 300-350 (at a rough guess) per session in the gym, so without adjusting your diet you would lose a pound per 10 sessions, which sounds just about spot on based on what you've said. Have you spoken to a personal trainer about your exercise routine, or about a diet plan to go with it?
Hiya! Thanks for replyin!

Im not following any 'diet' in particular. Maybe that’s my problem! Im just tryin to stick to my main meals of the day, good breakfast, lunch (usually a brown bread salad of sorts) n tea, having my 5 portions of fruit n veg a day and 2 litres of water. I have been watching my fat content in things etc. And have cut out all junk food, well apart from my odd sugar craving fix!

I have been advised of a website that the lady is a personal trainer and she has given me a regime to work with and now last week when I reported about my weight loss or lack off she set a new regime and id to keep a count of my food intake and exercise in a week and report it to her which I did this morn. I personally think im not eatin enough for the exercising im doing! Althou on sayin all that I am feeling 110% better than ever, really starting to tone up in my problem areas eg arms, tummy etc which im loving!

I jus feel all the same since the scales aren’t changing im stuck in a rut!
Has she done a lifestyle questionnaire and a pre-exercise questionnaire with you?

It sounds like what you are doing is good, and your diet sounds healthy - especially with only a stone and a half to lose and an active lifestyle, it's best to do something sustainable rather than a drastic change, but if you are looking for faster results than you are getting, you will have to reduce your calorie intake a bit. You could lose an extra pound per fortnight just by reducing your calorie intake by 250 calories per day. If you add that to the weight lost from exercise, that would be 3 or 4 pounds a month, which will get you to your goal in plenty of time for your wedding.

Mind if I ask what website you are using?
Thats my problem, how to reduce my calorie intake! Im gettin confused whats good and bad for me! The likes of spreads on sandwiches etc at lunch i can cut out the spread to reduce calories and at break have 1 biscuit instead of 2 etc but when it comes to fruit and veg i was told by someone that i can still put on weight with fruit??!! But my understanding of fruit was that i can eat as much as i like with it??!! Ah i dont know! Another thing of when is not a good time at night to eat fruit! Ilove grapes, and eat them at night to reduce my sugar cravings as thats when i jus crave my choc, but is it good to eat them then??!!

The website i use is nucleusforums.proboards92.com.
The thing is, just because you make a healthy choice doesn't mean it's a low calorie choice. Portion control is key. You could put on weight just eating carrots (although you would have to eat an awful lot of them)! A banana has over 100 calories. So does a slice of brown bread. Sometimes it's surprising how many calories we consume that we're not aware of (my favourite Starbucks coffee has over 300 calories in it for example). I would highly recommend Weight Loss Resources:

Weight Loss Resources

You can sign up for a 3 day free trial and use that time to input what you are eating on a daily basis (every morsel of it!) and find out where unexpected calories are coming from. It's worth a go!
Thanks for that Kate! Had a look at that website alright and gonna try the free trial alright! Gonna look endeptly at the foods im taking to see where im goin wrong!

So hard to loose weight for something that sounds so easy! I dont know how people with eatin disorders do it! I know that sounds terrible but its true!

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