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Very off topic - work expenses

In my job a travel quite a bit, so i end up with a fair amount of travel expenses each month. I have to pay these out of my own pocket, and then on the 1st of each month submit them for the company to pay me. It takes 3 weeks for them to pay me, and they only do 1 expense run a month.

The last 2 months they have either forgot to pay them, or not paid them ontime. Its bad enough that i am left out of pocket for up to 7 weeks potentially.

Does anyone else find their company doea this? I have never had it take so long before in other companiea, and also had a company credit card so it was not impacting my pocket - wondered if i had been lucky all those years or if this lot are taking the mick!?
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Have a calm chat with whoever handles expenses and point out that you need the money to live . Suggest that if it is an accounting problem perhaps it would be better if you had a company credit card.

"Times is 'ard chica " Me thinks they might just be taking the micky.


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I look after the field officers in my job and they have a £1500 float in a bank account for expenses and expenses run every fortnight.

Perhaps you could suggest the float rather than a credit card...



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I work in a very small company, so I'm lucky that I hand my boss my expenses the day before pay day and they are paid either that day, or on pay day.

Used to work in a very large company tho, which had it's own cash office and could give expenses any time you went with them... sorry not much help!!
Hmm - think my company sits somewhere in the middle! The owner of the company has to approve the payments, so When he's not around they don't get done! But there are enough of us that its not exactly a 5 mins job to do the approvals and get it paid!

My bugbear is that the financial controller who processes the payments refuses to
Login to the bank more than once a Month to put the payments through - so i have to wait til she's got everyones before she does it all!


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I guess this one depends on the company really. Whenever I needed them, they were always added to next monthly salary. Alternatively company credit card was always a blast;)


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Definitely taking the piss. If you are travelling that often you need a credit card, it's not like it's a one off expense to you!
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This happened to me in a previous job so I did complain to the Company director that I didn't have enough money to
Pay my rent etc after paying for expenses for his company that I'm not getting back so he set up a float in a bank account so I could use that and submit all my expenses at the end of the month and then the money would be put back into the account by the company. So I then had a debit card that I could use for the account it was much Better and I wasn't getting stressed and out of pocket either!


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I worked for a global company and had a company credit card. My expenses rarely came to more than £200 a month then.

The company I work for now is also a global company but in a different sector and I have to pay all my expenses myself (excluding hotels) and then claim them back. Expenses are processed every Wednesday and in the accounts on Friday. They are often in excess of £300 a week so there is no way we could wait any longer.

I can't imagine it causing much more work for the controller if they introduces a bi-monthly expenses run! Have a chat with your manager and let them know that it's unacceptable.

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