Very quiet again.... bad sign???


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Been quiet on here for a couple of days now. Where are you all? :wave_cry:

Marie how are you after your difficult couple of days??

Sparkle havent seen you in a few days either, you havent updated your diary, how are you getting on??

One of the things I love about this forum is the support, but we need to be around and posting for that. Im trying to update my diary daily.

Hope everyone is having a good week... and the board picks up again soon :)
I'm always knocking about, never really get time to post all that much though! I had a bad night tonight:break_diet: , had a take away after my dinner, my cousin arrived starving. Tomorrow is the test, will I make it straight back onto points......fingers crossed!
Yoo hoo. I am here! :D

Just been a bit busy. Hopefully will be able to post a bit more later on as helping hubby with decorating :) :) ((ok hes decorating and I am getting in the way. LOL))

Deb x
Still around, just working like a dog at the moment so not having much time to post...I am getting around to reading all the posts every day though, just don't seem to have the time to actually reply to any!