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Very Unfit and need to exercise.

Hi all first time post.

I am a 36 year old male and been on and off the fags for the past 20 or so years and smoking about the same each day. I have now quit for 2 wees and this time it is for good.

I am 5'10' and weigh 15 stone. So I am overweight. I would like some advice about execise. If I go out on my bie I am tred after 5 mins, I mean really tired. Can anyone adise me where I should start to get my fitness levels up and over what period. I am sick of having a sack of potatos around my waist.:D
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Unlike when i was younger nowadays i count in all activity as exercise, i either walk to work or cycle 90% of the time. I feel walking is probably the better of the two as we were made to walk long distances.

A little often is best so when you get out of breath stop and once you've recovered have another go, build up slowly and watch the food intake so get using your fry lite etc!

Good luck on the fags, i was once a slave to them as well and put 2 stone on when i stopped them 3 yrs ago now. I too was an on/off smoker until i finally nailed them! Now and again though i still fancy the idea of a smoke ... that's not craving though, just shows how deep rooted these things can get over time.
Thanks for the advice, will be walking over the next 4 weeks, then see how I feel from there. Not to bad on the food side, wents docs and had hi Cholesteral 6.3 so not on a diet just steer clear of anything with sat fat over 0.5.


Queen of Cats
congrats on quitting smoking! I quit for the final time over 3 years ago, feel 1,000% better. And have saved a lot of money too!

Start small; ride your bike for 5 mins if you can, walk as far as you can, small steps add up to larger steps. It's getting started and through the first few weeks that are the challenge, just make it a part of your schedule and you'll do fine.
Its like everything else i suppose, once you get going and notice the benefits/results it then becomes hard to stop!


Queen of Cats
Well, for me, the mirror and my favorite jeans are a motivation! But I also find it helps to write down my goals in a little notebook that I carry around with me. And SCHEDULE your exercise, make it a regular part of your day. Like, 0900 - 20 min walk.

I don't think anyone else can motivate you, I think it comes from inside; think about the benefits from exercise that you will gain (weight loss, self esteem, lower your bad cholesterol, fresh air, fitness). And then the benefits from not exercising. Looks like an easier choice then, doesn't it? :D


Proper Little Madam
Take your bike and ride for five minutes and then walk for five minutes, when you have recovered...get back on your bike and continue to alternate between the two. You will be surprise how quickly your body starts to respond to exercise in a few sessions, you will be riding for 20 minutes before you know it and not even feel out of breath.

Good luck with the quitting cigs, I did 14 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. x x

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