Very very happy but dehydrated


Loves VLCD's !
I had my week 5 LL weigh in last night and had lost 4 pounds making it just .6 of a pound short of a 2 stone loss in 5 weeks. :D Very happy with the LL diet and the rate at which the weight is coming off.

For the second week running though my LLC told me that I was very dehydrated. I can't understand this and neither can she as I drink 4 litres as a minimum, usually 5. I don't have tea or coffee which may cause a diuretic effect. I make my shakes and soups up with lots of water in huge mugs or glasses. She suggests I try for 5 and a half litres a day which doesn't fill me with joy as I try to stop drinking at least an hour before bedtime so I am not up for the loo all night. I can't see when I would get the extra in other than drinking right up until when I sleep :eek:

Has anyone else had this problem or might know why I can drink so much but be this dehydrated ? Thanks, Melissa x
hI well done you hun fantastic losses xxxx :D
yes i have drunk 5 litres and my stix once said i was dyhydrated?i think somedays maybe we need more water than others?im starting week 4 of LL today but my water intakes bad so far must go glug
Me, I was drinking 5 litres and being told I was dehydrated. I upped the amount slightly and it seemed to help but have dropped it again now. Just drink consistently throughout the day, I think that helps more than actually upping the quantity.

Well done on a terrific loss as well!!!!
Ok thanks. Reassuring to know it happens to others. I will try to stick to around 5 litres as that is just about manageable and see what happens next week.

I suppose I wonder if my weight loss might be more if I wasn't dehydrated ? Never thought to ask my LLC that !

Not that I am unhappy with my losses of course but the faster the better ;)