Very very ill when i eat?


Still Climbing That Hill!
Once i have been on Cd for a couple of weeks and given in to eating i get really ill and i mean really really ill!! i find it very hard to breath and the pain is like labour pain and it feels like im dying!! this has happend a couple of times and last time i thought i was going to end up 7 feet under? does this happen to anyone else?? i have had to give up CD altogether because of this, it's not as if im eating loads and loads mabye a takeaway of some sort.
Oh dear - sorry to hear that you've been ill. Once you're in ketosis, you have to introduce carbs really slowly back into your diet otherwise you can feel awful (and put the weight back on really quicky). Takeaways are loaded with carbs so that's probably why you felt so rotten.

It's a shame that you feel you have to give up CD because of this. Could you not give it another go, and then follow the CD maintenance plan closely when you get to target weight, so that this doesn't happen to you again, hun?

Sorry you have been ill. However, if you cannot get past week two without eating maybe the SS programme isn't for you.

Try switching to the 790 programme for a few weeks that way you have a little food all the time and this problem should not happen. Just a thought and definitely worth considering.

I would've thought that'd give you very good reason NOT to eat! After all, not eating is what Cd is all about!

As has been said, after being off carbs for a while, re-introducing them in a bad way can be a bit of a shock to your system (I can get terrible stomach pains if I eat carbs whilst in ketosis). That's partly why the maintenance plan is in place.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you stuck to Cd properly, then you wouldn't have this problem at all! Perhaps you should take it as a sign that your body doesn't want you to eat? When you get there, if you follow add-a-meal and maintenance to the letter, you should be absolutely fine.

Jo x
I can relate to this so much as Saturday was my wedding anniversary and was only going to have a nice meal out. Well I had the meal and that was lovely but I didn't stop there continued stuffing myself for the whole weekend until last night when I was feeling a bit off colour. Have had pains during the night and now have a grumbling tummy and the runs. It serves me right. Oh and I've put on 3.5 lb since Friday.

I'd advise anyone not to do what I've done.
Irene xx
Hi guys thanks for your replys, problem is i really want to stick to SSing i dont know if i could stop at a small meal on the 790 plan! i have did low-carb before for almost 2 years and lost a lot of weight and had no problems when i had a takeaway or similar and as i was already well into ketosis when i had eaten it didnt take me long to get back into ketosis as it was only the one meal i had to burn off if you know what i mean! TBH i takeawy every 2 weeks is not going to affect my weightloss that much it's just whats happening to me when i have that one meal and now hubby has said he wont be giving me any money towards my CD packs because of what he has seen me go through last time was the worst and most painfull it lasted almost an hour solid, and im always reading on hear how people give in and eat and invitably end up with stomach pains afterwards but what i get is much much worse and just wondered why it didnt happen to anyone else? Anyway's the jist of it is i REALLY REALLY want to do this but without something to look forward to every 2 or 3 weeks i dont know if i can!! i know that sounds silly as my weight decreasing should be enough but im sure you can all relate to what i mean. tracie
Hi hun - I do know what you mean but the concern is that by having a takeaway every couple of weeks, you're not only hurting yourself physically but also knocking yourself out of ketosis. Then you have to spend the next few days getting back into ketosis, which can make lots of people feel awful anyway.

The ketosis that you go into on a vlcd like CD/LL/LT etc is a very mild one - because of the carbs that are deliberately put into the packs for your optimum health - so it's easy to knock yourself out with maybe citric acid or any kind of carbs.

You can SS for longer than 2 weeks, hun - if I can, then anyone can! Yes, it is a real struggle sometimes but it certainly is worth it when you get to your target weight/dress size.

Thanks Isobel ur a star, i still havn't made my mind up whether to try again or give up altogether, but i know it works so im tempted to give it another go. Only this time i will NOT eat! lol, well if i keep telling myself it might actually come true.