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Very VERY scary website


I will succeed!!!
Ok, so been googling for exercises etc to help my weight loss, and I came across this 'weight loss' site. I started reading some entries from members and soon realised it was not a GOOD site.

It was only a pro-eating disorder support forum.

I have a quick look at the tabs...''thinspiration'' celebs, diet plans that literally meant fasting and all sorts.

And I found this in a simple google search - which is VERY scary. I don't have kids and not sure if this would be caught by parental features...but to parents out there be warned...it was a VERY disturbing site and VERY easy to stumble upon.

I'd rather lose 1/2 a week than be that poorly.

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Wow there are some very scary sites out there like! What did you google? x


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i've seen sites like that before - they are v. scary!


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Saw a TV programme about websites like this recently & I've looked at a few myself, they actually encourage people not to eat & give tips on how to disguise it from the rest of the family at meal times...how worrying is that, especially when I suspect it's mainly young girls who don't realise how dangerous it actually is!


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No wonder these teenage girls get anorexic if they are finding these web sites and following their 'advice'!!!! They should be banned.


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Totally agree, the internet is really useful, but can also be very dangerous!

A serious design flaw in the internet is that there is no way of policing it except with parental controls. There should be some way that these and many other sites could be easily closed down.
yes i saw the documentary with fern cotton, seriously scary stuff.

Roz V

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I saw that documentary too, really, really disturbing. Having known several anorexics in the past, long before the Internet, I dread to think of the influence of these sites nowadays. The girls I knew had a totally different mindset, completely believed they were FAT although they looked like inmates of Belsen...

Squiddie, are you and I the only insomniacs on MiniMims?


I will succeed!!!
I found it a few pages into a search - cannot recall what i typed in exactly but it wasn't anything weird. Just along lines of 'diet and exercise tips' or something. It was one of the drop downs from google (you know when you start typing something and it offers a few versions).

All I can say is thank goodness for sites like this and SW groups (and others such as WW etc) for promoting a safe weight loss pathway with healthy support from others.

What scared me most was a saw a post about how a BMI of 19 is 'too fat for words' - scary or what?

Let's keep up the good work here folks and never again will I worry so much about a potential weight gain - slow and steady wins the race :D xxxx


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Squiddie, are you and I the only insomniacs on MiniMims?
Puts up hand to wave! Normally I'm wide awake at 5am every morning, I struggled to go back several times today from 5.30 to 10 past SEVEN! ( I changed to my summer duvet and wasn't warm enough. But that's a lie in for me!


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there called pro ana sites as in pro anorexia i used to used to look at them when i was a teenager and there incredibly influencing and dangerous, anorexia is a mental illness it's hard enough trying to convince someone there not fat when they have 20 online buddies telling them that they are giving them tips how to throw up quietly after meal times, they also get male visitors to there forums too that are 'pro ana' the whole thing is sick!! i'm sure that the guidelines were tightened up at one point and they were banned you might wanna report it hon.


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That's a good point, at the end of the day anorexia nervosa is a mental health illness and these people need help. What is worrying is if someone had bipolar for instance, you wouldn't take them up to the top of the building and give them a nudge in the "right" direction, but this is the exact same thing!
I'd report the site address to google. That documentary with Fern Cotton said that Google ban load of these sites but they just set up as another website address. Its very scary stuff.


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One way I suppose would be to find who owns the site and report them to someone, not sure who, maybe their server. The thing is it's not just about the site, it's the people that use them. Maybe google could promote healthy eating sites, or help for eating disorder sites when searching for "pro ana" sites.


I will succeed!!!
Will check my history later and report it - how do you report a website though? Never done it before!

It's sold as a 'beauty and fitness' site but it's clearly not. Worrying isn't it? xxx


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thats a good idea but the thing is you have to remember about anorexics it is a mental illness but there not weak they have a very set goal in mind and even if you put the sites there, they wouldn look they would just make more sites.


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That's what I mean! As a recovering SHer there were websites, luckily a lot of them discourraging, but some quite the opposite and if you've got a goal in mind (good or bad), and are focused chances are you will do it.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i understand in recovery hon but anorexia is a different sort of compulsion anything about eating and they don't want to know, like i said though it is a good idea there should be someone checking the searches everyday and if they meet a certain criteria they should be shut down straight away.

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