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Vibro plate

i had one but it only cost £150 the plate was very small could just fit my feet on it so would say buy as bigger one as u can afford they r meant to be very good but i didn't like the sensation from it so sold it :)
its meant to intensify the exercises u do on it but think u do need a decent size one for it to work properly
My trainer has one of these - a VibroGym I think it is called - and I absolutely hate it.

Do make sure that whoever is going to use it has actually tried one before you get one - it is an expensive mistake if they find they can't get on with it.
yes thats what i meant when i said it intensifies the excercise but u would need a good sized one i think, i personally did not like the vibrating feel used to make my teeth go on edge and it was only a cheap one (get what u pay for i suppose) couldnt lie down on mine the plate just about had room for my feet lol best thing is to maybe ring a gym for advice about size u would need :)


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I tried one of these at the gym and lasted about 10 seconds!! I really didnt like the sensation. I would ask your daughter if she has tried one before you get it for her xx
I personally love these, but I agree the sensation you have to get used to. I would only ever use a gym one...Im sure the pro ones are around the £3000-£8000 mark and personally I'm not sure one at £150 would be as effective?? xx
quite agree with u put in earlier message that i think u get what u pay for and u would need a decent sized one to get results :)


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sorry for barging in

they used to have these in chartbuster near where i live..sadly chartbusters has closed with the massive recession here in Ireland.

never got to try it as it was 7.50 euro for 10 minute session [i think]and couldn't afford it

longed to try it
Depending on how much you were planning on spending, could you maybe get vouchers for a few month's membership to a gym that has one.

No matter how good my intentions are, or what equipment I buy, I never end up using it at home. I think everyone I know who has ever bought home gym equipment has very quickly ended up using it as clothes hanger!!

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