Vicki's road to skinnydom


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I all,
Well I started SW on the 31st Jan 2011 so nearly a year and 2 stone, 4 lb lighter (well 2 stone 2 lb as still got 2 lb of Xmas weight left to shift) so I've decided that instead of writing down what I eat on random post-it notes, it's time to go digital. :)
I only do red and green and this is what I find works best for me (but 90% of my days are green)

So here goes:

B: banana and custard muller and a mint hi fi

Lunch: an own brand sainsburys rice (same as a batchelors) pepper which was vile! And another muller

Tea: home made butternut squash soup with a bread roll (not a wholemeal one but shhhh)

The soup was lovely and my first ever soup attempt (apart from a supper speedy one) so I was rather chuffed so I'll be having it again tomorrow.

Well thanks for listening to my ramblings and I'll be checking in again tomorrow :)
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Day 2 of my diary to getting skinny!
Going away in march with a group of friends and I'll have to wear a swim suit if I wanna get in the pool so need that flat stomach by then.

Breakfast: banana and custard miller and 2 double choc alpens (HEX B)

Lunch; sainsburys Moroccan couscous - 1 syn

Snack: boots shapers onion rings - 3 Syns (best crisps ever 57 calories a bag!)

Dinner: home made butternut squash soup again with a Asia pitta - about 6 Syns for the pitta I think???

Snack : 6 rivita crisp breads (HEX B) and some phili light (HEX A)

Full now but more Syns than I normally have in a day, like to save for the weekends drinking :) so need to be better tomorrow


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Green day

It's felt like a lonnnggggg day today but think I've not been too bad.

Breakfast: banana and custard muller and 2 alpen lights (HEXB)

Lunch: BIG bowl of pasta with a tin of tuna mixed in (HEXB), and 2 heaped dessert spoons of lighter than light mayo (1/2 syn per level tablespoon so I'm gonna guess at about 3 Syns, just to be on the safe side.

Snack - jelly - 1/2 syn, and 1 jelly baby (don't know the Syns but gonna guess at 1 each)

Milk in coffee HEXA

Total so far - 4 and 1/2 and half Syns at a guess
1 x HEA
2 x HEB

Not sure what's for tea yet???? Poss a stir fry but ironing to do before that.
Might also have a crack at these scones I keep hearing about


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The scones were interesting but not too bad for a syn free snack

Dinner: veg stir fry. My made it and used a spoonful of oil to cook so I'm gonna say 4 Syns for the oil. Plus three scones with phili HEXA


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Gonna update now with breakfast and lunch so I know where i am.

Breakfast 2x quorn sausages (2syns), asda wholemeal pitta (HEXB), ketchup 2 syns

Lunch 2x SW scones with phili light (HEXA), I quorn sausage (1syn), boots shapers onion rings

Tea pasta with tuna (HEXB) and Mayo (3 syns)

8 syns - more than I wanted today as off to a party tonight but oh well


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Well not been too good over the weekend and drank alot but we'll skip over that.

Monday 16/01/12
Red day

2 weetabix with milk (HEXA and B)

Lunch: sainsbury's BBQ chicken( 1 syn), mullerlight and mint Hifi bar (HEXB)


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Snack: Hobnob - 3 & 1/2 Syns I think

Tea - lamb shank in mint gravy 1 syn, carrots, green beans, gravy (about 3 and 1/2 Syns worth)

Total - 8 Syns - too many again. Supposed to be saving for the weekend


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Weigh in day so wish me luck

Breakfast: weetabix and skimmed milk (HEXA and B)

Lunch: whole veg cupa soup (HEXB) and mullerlight.

Nothing more until weight in and minimal liquids :) I know it won't make much of a difference but it's what I always do


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Lost 1 an 1/2 last night! Whoop!

Breaky: 2 weetabix and milk (HEXa and B)
Lunch: was in a rush so 1 bag boots shapers onion ring crisps (3 syns), mullerlight and 2 Alpen bars (HEXB)

Tea is going to be 2x quorn sausages, mash and beans


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Not posted for a while and slipped a bit so thought I'd get the diary up and running again (not that anyone reads it but keeps me on track)

Breakfast: banana and custard muller and 2 alpens (HEXB)
Lunch: couscous pot 1& 1/2 Syns
Snack: 1/2 bag of rainbow drops 5 Syns

Tea: homemade butternut squash soup and pitta (HEXB)
Other half of the rainbow drops 5 Syns

HEXA - milk in coffees

Total -,11 and 1/2 Syns