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Vickydinks weight loss diary

Vickydinks Weightloss Diary
Ok so i think this is a great idea :)

I did start Tuesday on Special K diet but just knew i couldnt stick to it so i have started Weight watchers yesterday.
I am going on holiday the 5th of October and i wanna lose a stone ideally by then but my ultimate goal is 2 stone.:)

Will keep my diary upto date and any advice on what im eating or doing wrong or right please comment so i can amend my routine :):)

Friday 22nd August

Breakfast: None cos i am a naughty girl and was up late for work, had to be there for 7am! :eek:

Lunch: Salad consisting of rocketsalad, radish, 2tbsp of coleslaw, very minimal cheese, 2 boiled eggs, beetroot 9 points

Snack: Satsuma 0.5points
Cup of tea semi skimmed milk 1 sweetner 1point

Blue Riband 2points

Dinner: WW lasagne 5points oven chips 3points WW choc brownie dessert 3points

Evening snack Special K choc chip cereal bar 2.5 points

26points :(
Exercise 45min walk 3miles
Dumb bells for 2 minutes

You can tell i have just started, i know most points values. I cannot afford to keep going to meetings so am doing it myself but hoping i can do it :)

Does anyone fancy joining me as a buddy to spur each other on...keep up to date with each other by PM, Email etc?
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Damn, can a mod please type my name right in the title please? :)
Hi vicky. you can amend your thread title yourself by double-clicking just to the right of it in the forum.

your first day looks nice and healthy. i'd estimate your salad at about 9 points though. how many points are you allowed a day?
I have amended your title.

How many points a day are you going to have?

Have you a WW calculator, shopping guide and eating out guide? I know you can buy them on WW site

Good luck

Irene xx
21 points for me :)

thankyou for amending my title for me and the advice :)
I would think you had closer to 27 but hard to tell as you don't know how much cheese you had on your salad. Cheese is quite high in points because of the fat content. Ditto coleslaw.

I tend to find it's easier to keep track of points if I either eat pre-packaged things and so can work the points out easily from the nutritional information or things I can make myself and weigh and measure to get the points values right.

Does make it tricky if you're eating out though.
i had hardly any cheese..they were chunks, in total put together prob no bigger than half a kitkat chunky?
So today:

5 carried over from yesterday but half an hour brisk walk tonight will sort 3 of the out! ;)

Breakfast:Special K choc chip bar 2.5 points

Lunch: Special K 1 bowl 2.5 points
1 coffee plus semi skimmed milk 1point

weightwatchers carrot slice 1point
special K bar 2.5 points

Dinner: beans on toast no butter 8 points
Snack: Weightwatchers Carrot slice 1point

Total 20.5
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4.5 over if i dont have anything else but water for the rest of the night. my walk will sort 3 out so i will need to deduct 1.5 off tomorrows.
I really dont see how this diet works you know! hmm
You might not think you are eating less than you have before, but I'd be surprised you if you aren't. Just eating a low fat cake or cereal bar can save you loads of calories.

I eat Rosemary Conley choc mousses - they are lovely and only 2 points. My OH got the same pud I would usually have had and I worked out it would be six points! Over 300 cals and loads of fat - and it was a smaller size pud than the RC choc mousse.
just feels like im eating the same...will see when i weigh mysef friday :)
Did my brisk walk last night. Did 1.5 miles. This did include outbursts of jogging too. What we did was jog from one lamp post from the next then rest to the next one and so on. Gna slowly keep doing it and get better as my boyfriend wants me to start going jogging with him but not stop....hmmm never done that in my life and what i find is that my throat kills after so long and i have to stop cos of the pain!

Update on food diary coming later but put it this way i have sorte the points out, im no longer over so i have full points to use today but sticking to fruit for beginning of day so i can use a lot more points for later :) Woo! This so better work so i can feel good after weighing myself next week!!
Blimey - jogging! What a brave girl you are. Good idea to save points for the evening if that's when you know your danger time is.

Just noticed you're in Brigg. I'm a Scunnie lass myself although I live in Newark now. I used to work in Brigg about 10 years ago.
ahhhh yes im a brigg girl :) well i actually live in scawby :)

My diary for today:
Sunday 24th August

Breakfast: Chopped melon and apple + weightwatchers toffee yoghurt 2points

Snack: Weightwatchers Carrot slice 1 point
Special K cereal bar 2.5 points

Dinner: Jacket potato with cheese, coleslaw, very few oven chips, rocket leaves 10

I will admit to a few mouthfuls of my boyfriends rocky road icecream too, nly 3 spoons but going to add 2 points

Snack - Carrot cake slice 1 point

Total 18.5

2.5miles brisk walk and occasional jog

Out for the day tomorow and tryin to work out the least points i can to use for a packup, will update u all tomorrow.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Sounds like your doing great :) ... Good luck with w.i
Thanks girlies :) Im excited in a way cos i know i bin trying hard :)

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