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Virtual strength needed to be sent!!!

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Hi fellow CD'ers!!

Really this is just a motivational rant to myslef that i am making public. Today i am off to Salzburg with work, and have prepared myself as best as possible. Breakfast will be shakes in my room (purchased plastic shaker for such purpose, and fits snugly in luggage), lunch will be a bar of that awful goo which sticks to your teeth and makes me feel nauseaus, and whoever named them chocolate has obviously missed out on ever meeting Mr. Cadbury!! Dinner tomorrow night is a formal affair so hoping that they serve up meat with veg, my biggest nightmare is that they will serve pasta :eek: If they do i will have to come out of ketosis, but again i have planned this may happen so am hoping to not then breakthrough my mental resolve and think "sod it, i may aswell blow the entire budget and eat mine and my fellow diners body weight to make up for being so good!!
Then back to bars and shakes until my return on Thurs eve. As the other dinner is less formal i can get away with not being there :D
I still need to think, bikini body in 8 weeks time, whaling has not been outlawed that close to Oz and i'm not sure if a harpoon wound is actually covered by my medical insurance. But just incase i do suffer some little devil sat on my shoulder, whipsering sweet nothings about wine and food please can you send me virtual wishes to keep me strong.....
And sending my best back to you all for a great week....we can do this......together!
Dolly xxx
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Well you certainly have the motivation to do it with the OZ trip coming up, but I just wanted to say, that I had a planned meal out during this last week, and I had 2 packs during the day, and came off it for the evening out, I had decided I was just going to eat as normal as I didnt want to attract attention. I had a couple of drinks throughout the evening I ate my meal including a starter which was high in protein in fairness, a fish meal course with some spuds and picked at the chocolate dessert which thankfully wasnt that nice but if it had been I wouldve eaten it all up :) I definitely would have been out of ketosis, but I had also drank a fair amount of water throughout the evening as well and went straight back on CD the next morning. I am happy to report that I stayed the same the next morning on the scales, so if you are otherwise good, and get straight back on plan, a planned meal doesnt have to be a disaster for you.
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good luck!!!!!
im sure you will be fine. and if you stick to your plan, how proud will you be!!!!!!!

i take it from the oz comments that you are going to australia.... (thats where i am from..) where abouts are you going????
we are going over for a month in just over 10 weeks! eeeeek cant wait!
S: 13st10lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st10lb(12.5%)
Yes we are going to Australia, first we are visiting Hong Kong for 5 day's then we are in Sydney for 15 day's. I drive for a living so will visit everywhere via bus/train and foot!! Hoping to do loads of walking so i can help maintain my weight, we have already booked for a seaplane trip over Sydney and the bridge walk.....
I read that you are having your wedding over there!! Congrats and can totally understand your excitement..
Anyhoo have to bounce as i have a flight to catch with all my sachets of soups/shakes rattling aroung in my case!!
I will be strong...I will be strong!!

Speak when i return, have a great week
Dolly x


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Hi Dolly, good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine, and will lose all you need to before your oz holiday. :D


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Hi Dolly

Just wanted to Good Luck and I'll look forward to your post at the end of the week saying how good you have been :)



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Good luck and have a great holiday hun !

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