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virtualy fat free meals....

im sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but i was wondering if people take a pill when the fat % per meal is exremely low?

for example, i dont feel i should be "wasting" a pill if i take it with a breakfast of fruit and a yogurt (which is 0.1g per 100g.)

i also understand the the pills carry on working up to 4 days after, but am i decreasing its potency if im only taking 2 pills a day over 3 meals?

many thanks

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Always take the pills with each meal , dont skip no matter how low in fat the meal is.. the pill wont take away any of the fat if its low meal but dont get into a habit of stopping pills because you think its low in fat anyway..

thats my opinion anyway xxx
you asked for peoples opinions & i gave mine.. i've lost 135lbs on xenical since feb . i never skipped meals. if you choose to then its up to you but i can only advise.
i only commented that i know the fat content.you said urself it wont take away a very low fat content. im not saying im skipping meals. i appreciate ur input but i welcome other opinions too.
I think its probably best to take them at every meal even if it is very low in fat as it sets the routine, so you never forget a tablet. Also it stops the temptation of having a bad snack or two mid-morning if you know the tablet is still in your system.
And Punkii's right it can be a slippery slope once you start missing tablets, i know from experience that i see it as a chance to pig-out and end up sabotaging myself, so don't fall into the same trap!
no worries i just think as the doctor prescribes 3 a day its what we should stick too , you can always ask your doc if you really feel you dont want to take one with the lower fat stuff , sometimes medical opinion is better then what we can give.
my doc has told me to take 3 a day till he tells me otherwise, he says that once i am closer to target i will be weaned off them, and a word of warning, i had a weekend away a few weeks back so thought it best not to take them for a day as i had no control over what food was being given to me, we had tgis for tea and cos i never had the tablets, thought sod it i'll have what i want and get back on it tomorrow. well travelling back from london with an upset tummy was not fun i can tell you!!!!


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ask your dr is my best advice. see what he/she says. they are the best person to ask
Take the tablet is what I say, what would you save it for? You get a months meds to last a month. Three tabs a day with meals is the dose, I intend to stick to that. Good luck all.
I did this yesterday i skipped 1 tablet becuase i was having Weetabix with skimmed milk , I was fine but after 3 months nearly i have never skipped my little blue friend. Its a godsend so even if you are having a low fat meal just take it...It keeps you focused and aware of what you are eating :) Hope you keep on track.
All the best CRG X
id just like to say... you were all right! i slowly fell off the wagon and i havnt taken my xenical for over a week now, and have put on a pound and a half :( back on track today though
glad that you have realised whats going on and making up and getting back on track
Good LUck!
i think ul b ok if u just stick to 3 a day, i myself am havin trouble with this not cos im trying to save a pill or anythin but cos i dont often eat 3 times a day, usually just 2. but im trying to do the 3 meals a day thing as ive been told it helps metabolism, its breakfast i struggle eating, i used to eat at about lunch time then hav my dinner later, so thats only 2 pills, but im tryin to hav like a banana for breakfast now still with a pill, im findin that the more the days go on its gettin easier to hav breakfast.

so just keep head strong and u should b ok, dont fall bak into the trap of not taking one cos its a low fat meal or somethin, im no doctor but i think 3 a day is better than missin ones out, let ur body get into a routine hun

i hope u get bak on track soon x


Gonna do it this time

Don't beat yourself up too much. We all slip from time to time. The best thing is that you've recognised it and are going to start again. As everyone else has said though you probably are best taking the 3 tabs a day. I'm useless at taking tablets and am only remembering to take them because over the past 8 weeks I've got into the habit each meal time of popping one regardless of how much fat is in the meal.

Good luck

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