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Strutting her stuff
Personally I don't take any supplements at all. I belive that if you are following a healthy balanced diet there is no need to unless you have specific nutritional requirements as a result of eg being pregant. I tend to think it's all a bit of a con in an effort to get us to part with some more cash.
i would have been of the same mind set but i take multi-vitamins now cos it was suggested to me by a friend. i don't notice any difference really but if i'm not eating as much as i normally am and exercising alot more it makes sense to me that my body could need the extra help. i used to have the Quest brand multivitamin which i thought were fantastic but now have the Centrum which are ok too i suppose. one thing i will say though and it could be coincidence but i ran out of vitamins last week and the three days i was missing them i had a head cold:(


Bring on the weight loss!
Circes - Fair enough! :) i like to take them to make sure I am definitely getting everything my body needs, especially because of being anaemic I need my Iron. hehe

Breadbin - I know what you mean with that one!! When I forgot to take my tablets for about a week (especially vitamin c which helps fight colds etc lol) I got ill too - caught my sisters cold and it wasnt good - felt real rough! maybe they do work after all eh?! lol

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