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VITFA'S O-Day count down diary


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Hello to anyone who's reading. Ive been doing slimming world since april last year and total weight loss is 3stone 3lbs. Ive falling off the band wagon lately and due to been on placement (where i have to think of meals for 12.5hrs) and nightshift i havent been able to go to class. Ive decided i really need to get focus and find my motivation again. So im off work sick today and thought why not a better time than now to start a count down food diary. I think i have at least put on 3lbs from now being at class but i wont find this out until next monday so trying to be extra good until that time.

Ok enough of my ranting (which i apologise for) and more of what i have eaten this week.


Breakfast - Banana, Toast (hex b) and 250 semi skimmed milk (hez a).

Snack - Huge fresh fruit salad and yogurt

Lunch - Baked Patatoes, Prawns and Salad

Dinner - Syn free slimming world chips, 3 Quorn sausages and beans

Snack, Peach
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Breakfast - Banana, Toast (hex b), Peach

Lunch - Chunky pasta and turkey salad, muller light yogurt

Snack - Fresh punnet of blackberries, grapes and x2 kiwis

Dinner - Syn free turkey curry and rice
some more fresh fruit and mullerlight

Syns - Limbos ?4syns + Alpen light 2syns

total syns for week 7syns


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Breakfast - Banana, Toast (hex b), peach and neturine

Lunch - 1/4 of slimming world quiche - made with l/f cottage cheese, 6eggs, 1 yellow pepper, 1 onion, mushrooms, 4 slices of bacon and mixed herbs, S+P to taste. (Hex a) - 42g low fat chedder cheese.

Snack - fresh blueberries and grapes

Dinner - Will be having syn free chilli con carne and rice.

syns - 3.5 weetabix bar
syns total 10.5/ 50

Limiting myself to 50 syns this week as was really really bad last week
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Day 4 - Thursday - EE

Breakfast - Syn free pancakes, (made with x2 eggs, sweetner, vanilla essence). Fresh fruit chopped over it - banana, blueberries and peach. Some l/f natural yogurt and a neturine.

Lunch - Syn free quiche - same as yesterdays and batchelors rice

Snack - Spagetti hoops on Toast (hex b) - extra light triangle cheese (1syn). Weetabox bar 3.5 syns

Dinner - Fillet of cod. Large salad. Baked patatoe.
l/f chedder cheese (hex a).

Snack - x2 mullerlights

Syns - 4.5 syns - weetabix bar - cheese
crisps - 4 syns - crisps
alpen light 3syns
TOTAL - 11.5

Weekly total - 22 syns

Drank about 4litres of water

Exercise - day 1 of the running challenge from sw magazine - 16 minutes

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Day 5 - Friday - EE - Nightshift boohoo - this is where i always fall down

Breakfast - Fruit and fibre (hex b) - 250 semi skimmed milk (hex a).

Lunch -Batchlors pasta made with water,(0.5syn)

Snack - syn free pancake - banana x3 strawberries

Dinner - Syn free spag bol and pasta

NIGHTSHIFT - so i will prob snack and then have something to eat about 3am :(

pepper and carrot sticks, 3 cherry toms, tuna with black pepper and salt, fruit salad

savoury rice, syn free quiche (from wednesday)

yogurt and some oranges

Good seem like a lot but at least im prepared.

Exercise - day 2 of running challenge - 16mins

Again 4 litres of water

syns - 0.5 - pasta
nairns oatcakes (yummy) 12 syns


total weekly 34.5/50
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Day 6 - SATURDAY - EE - nightshift

Breakfast - Whole fresh pineapple, stawberries, blueberries, peach and yogurt

Snack - Weetabix bar 3.5 syns and (Hex a) semi skimmed milk

Dinner - Syn free arribatta sauce, turkey and pasta

Nightshift - carrot and pepper stick, baby toms, cold ham, salad, fruit salad, x2 oranges

Syns - 3.5
Total - 38 syns


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Day 7 - Sunday - EE

Breakfast - Weetabix (hex b) and 250 semi skimmed milk (hex a)

Snack - banana, yogurt x2

Dinner - Steak (sirloin), baked patatoe, Salad (peppers, onion, lettuce,cucumber,baby toms), corn on cob, boiled egg.
strawberrys and jelly

Syns - jelly 0.5
cheese 6syns

weekly total 44.5 syns


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I lost a lb this week which im really happy about as is prob more after the small gain when not went to class in week 8.
Last nightshift tonight (thank the lord as im knackered). Trying to be good this week as i have a meal planned on saturday at a indian.


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Monday - week 2 of diary - EE

Breakfast - banana x2 neturine

Brunch - toast (hex b), fried eggs x2, 4 slices of bacon, x2 mushrooms, fried tomatoe

Dinner - Syn free tikka masala curry and rice

Nightshift, spag bol mixture and baked patatoe and fresh fruit and yogurt, x2 oranges

hex a 250 semi skimmed milk

SYNS - snickers 16

total 16/50
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Tuesday - week 2 of diary - EE

Breakfast - weetabix (hex b) and 250 semi skimmed milk (hex a)

Snack - batchelors rice with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes, weetabix bar

Dinner - syn free chilli con carne, muller light yogurt

Syns - 3.5
Total - 19.5
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Wednesday - Week 2 - EE

Breakfast - Weetabix (hex b) and 250 semi milk (hex a)
Snack - Fresh strawberrys and blueberries. muller light
lunch- Ham salad and baked patatoe, banana, mullerlight, x2 oranges
Dinner turkey stirfry,(onion,garlic,chilli, mangetout, spring onions, peppers, soy sauce), noodles

Syns - Alpen light 3
blue dragon stirfry sauce - 3.5 syns

TOTAL - 26


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Thursday - Week 2 - EE

Breakfast - Weetabix (hex b) and 250 semi milk (hex a)
Snack - Fresh strawberry and blueberries, mullerlight
Lunch - prawns, salad and baked patatoe
Dinner -:( takeaway - boiled rice and chicken in black bean sauce, muller light

Syns -
Chicken in balck bean sauce according to book - 5syns
Quavers - 6syns
Special k bar - 6syns

TOTAL - 42 syns
Week 3 - A new week - trying to be better this week

Wednesday - EE -

Breakfast - Toast (hex b) and banana
Lunch - Batchelors pasta, yogurt and peach
Dinner - Have quorn sausages x3, bacon rashers x4, beans and syn free chips

Nightshift tonight - taking in mugshot, fruit salad and mullerlight x2
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Week 3 - A new week - Thursday - EE

Hex a - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex b - Weetabix x2

Breakfast - As above, banana, neturine and peach, mullerlight
Lunch - Batchelors mexican rice and mullerlight, 1/2 punnet strawberrys
Dinner - Turkey stir fry (made with tesco stir fry veg, garlic, spices and soy sauce), syn free

Nightshift - homemade slimming world quiche - bacon, onion, mushroom, tomatoes, sweetcorn, mixed herbs, eggs and lf cottage cheese, salad, mullerlight, selection of fruit
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Week 4 - Tuesday - EE

Hex a - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex b - weetabix x 2

Banana, neutrine x 3, Batchelors savoury rice with fresh mushrooms,

Syn free chips

Dinner - turkey and arriabatta sauce (syn free) with pasta.


syns -
crisps - 4syns
ice cream few mouthfuls 5syns

total 9syns
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Week 4 - Wednesday - EE

Hex a - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex b - Weetabix x 2

Breakfast - As above Hex's + banana
Snack - Punnet fresh strawberries, some fresh blackberries and blueberries
Lunch - Omellette, (mushroom, spring onion, tomato, and turkey rashers) with side salad. Peach and neutrine.
Dinner - Syn free tukey diopiaza curry (sw magazine) and rice. Syn free chips and ww yogurt

Syns - x2 extra light laughing cows - 2syns
weetabix bar 3.5syns
dash of milk 2syns
TOTAL - 7.5syns
WEEKLY TOTAL - 16.5 syns
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Week 4 - Thursday - EE

Hex a - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex b- alpen light x2
B- large fruit salad - fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, x 2 peaches
L- neutrine,mullerlight and alpen light x2
D- syn free chilli chicken and rice - ww yogurt

WEEKLY SYNS 20.5 syns
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