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Vixster's syn free pizza

Just had to have a bit of a rant. I printed out Vixster's amazing syn free pizza recipe, and gave it to our consultant a couple of weeks ago, so she could tell everybody else about it. She said she wanted to check with SW that this was a legitimate Heb even though I told her it had been approved.

Last week at group she came back to me and said, "yes it's a HeB but I wouldn't recommend eating this, as it uses 2 HeBs so you should only really top it with free foods, therefore I am not going to mention it in group".:mad:

I can think of loads of free food toppings for pizza, so I don't understand why she doesn't recommend it?

So I printed out a few copies anyway and gave them to a few people who were really pleased to have the recipe - hope you don't mind Vixster....
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i dont think thats very unfair of your C, it was a food that fits in with the plan so i dont see a problem.... it would have been great for me who finds it difficult to fit in 2 B'S every day x
i always make a pizza from 57g of wholemeal baguette as hexb then cheese on top from hex a same thing !!! i thought aslong as you were having them it doesnt matter how
ive made a pizza just using wholemeal roll and free toppings then we have them with sw chips and beans... my kids love it too x


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Sadly, some SWC's as just very poor at what they do.

Can't help but think they are driven by the money, not the job itself.

Vast majority of people on here would make better SWCs than some of them!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
The one I made with bread mix was only1 hexb... simply, just half the amount of base mix... :| still get agood sized base from it.

And anywho, that's unfair of your C to be like that :| Atleast you gave the recipe to people even if she couldn't be bothered! Xx
Sadly, some SWC's as just very poor at what they do.

Can't help but think they are driven by the money, not the job itself.

Vast majority of people on here would make better SWCs than some of them!

Completely agree with this

I first went to slimming world at the age of 12 because I weighed around 12stone [i was a size 12 and wasnt fat at all only went because my dr's told me i needed to loose weight!!!!] and the consultant was very condescending and if you put on weight even though she'd never out right do it you just felt she was laughing at you

I started back a few months back and this consultant is AMAZING..... She is always texting keepin you on track.... and if you put on weight she is always there to talk about it and give you advice!!
I also have recipe for a SW pizza!!

You will need:

some smash [or any instant mash]

your healthy a allowance in cheese

1 tin of tomatos

and any free food you would like!! i usually have onions and mushrooms with some ham

You make a really thick mixture of smash and smooth a thin circle on to a ready sprayed [fry light] baking tray and bake in a hot oven for 20 mins flipping once [the potato goes crispy]

in the mean time fry in fry light your vegetables with the tomatos

when the base has finished baking put all your ingridients [inc cheese] on the top and grill for about 10 mins
oooooooooo tasha that pizza sounds lovely i have sachets of smash in the cupboard that no one ever wants so may try that tommorow for lunch
Its Lovely but you just have to watch you dont do the base toooo thick as it doesnt go crispy unless you bake it for longer anyway!
I mentioned this pizza and bread mix to my consultant couple of weeks ago too, and she is also just blanking me when I keep remindering her to let everyone know, almost as if she doesn't want to.

I mentioned the Joe's sausages to her ages ago too, she asked me to print off the website details and certificate from their site, which I did, and even took it to the class where the area manager visited that week; but neither of them wanted to mention those in class either.

Are we coming up with silly suggestions, or can they really just not be bothered?

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