VLCD Reccomendations


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Hi Teri,
The cheapest one as far as I know is diet now. It is mostly shakes/meal replacement and they have a 5:2 plan also.
They often have deals on like 50% off if you buy 100 products, you can usually find deals with diet now on Wowcher and Groupon. Not sure if they do a taster pack though, you would have to look on their website for that. I have used their shakes and they are very nice.... One thing they do not supply, which is the one thing I really need is will power.


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Hi and welcome! :)

I think it's important to do your research and really reflect on your personal reasons for going on any kind of diet.

VLCDs aren't something to mess around with, so I think it's important to do it properly if you're going to do it.
- Do you know why you have gained weight in the first place?
- Would you benefit from personal therapy to make sense of your eating habits?
- Would you prefer individual support or group support? (eg Cambridge vs Lighter Life)
- some people like the cheaper online packs, for me I didn't find it supportive enough, so Lighter Life is the one for me, but it does cost more.
- VLCDs have a reputation for regaining the weight after. How can you prevent that from happening? What could you put in place to make this a long term change?
- Can you live without normal food for several months (depending on how much you are wanting to lose)?
- Will that feel like a healthy break from unhealthy habits? Or will it feel unhealthy and too restrictive?
- Have a good read through minimins to see how others have done on the different diets.
- DO use minimins for support whatever you decide to do :) It's great here because we all support each other, whatever we're doing x

Let us know what you have chosen!