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  1. C

    Coco's diary - Day 1

    Hello! I'm yet another 'New Decade... New Year.... New Month.... New Week.... New Start' but this really needs to stop! I keep finding myself back in the same position each year, with the same resolution of losing weight, loving myself and feeling attractive enough to start searching for a...
  2. K

    My journey to lose 5 stones on exante

    Hi everyone, i am starting exante tomorrow. I have 5 stones to lose! I have my graduation coming up in 2 months so i need to lose as much as i can by then. Has any one tried exercising and has it given better results? I will be logging in my weight loss weekly would love some buddies to join me...
  3. pippotter1996

    EXANTE, anyone?

    Anyone doing the exante diet? or any other vlcd. I want to hear about side effects, weight loss (time scale if possible) i've lost 4 stone using exante. i want to lose abit more.
  4. S

    Sarahosaurus Exante Diary

    Hi there!! I purchased exante last year, completed 2 days and gave up. I think I pushed myself too hard, added exercise too soon, I was just exhausted. But 6 months on....I’m a few lbs down but I’m still obese and unhappy with my body. I lost my father in law to Parkinson’s disease last week and...
  5. D

    Are there any resources for planning your own VLCD/LCD

    Hi, Is anyone aware of any good resources for planning your own VLCD/ LCD? I.e. websites and books etc with information / recipes / tips on meals you can create yourself with "real food" rather than using any meal replacement products? Many thanks in advance! B.
  6. MsDev

    Exante HELP!

    Hello! I am desperately trying to start on Exante total solution, 3 days in and I've failed by the end of each day! I did CWP a few years ago and lost two stone and maintained that weight loss for two years..fell pregnant and lost all pregnancy weight very quickly. but in the year following I've...
  7. jfc

    hair loss on VLCD...HELP please !

    My hair was always very fine and on the thin side (unlike the rest of me :) ) I have noticed my hair Is getting really really thin, in fact my colleague commented on it the other day and said I should take a supplement, can anyone recommend something that wont impact my CD diet and weight...
  8. A

    Determined to stand in front of the camera

    Hi all I have my beautiful step daughters wedding to attend in 8 weeks and I’ve been so anxious. Tried every diet in the past but found Exante and thought I would give it a try. I’m determined to feel comfortable enough to be in the wedding photos. I have a total of 5 stone to loose obviously...
  9. hunni17

    New start 7 stone...off you go!!

    Hey guys I'm starting exante today, i need to lose 5 stone (First large target). Would love to hear any success stories, hints and tips to maximise my time doing it. Sick of being a large version of myself but often find it hard to stay motivated 😏 Hope to hear from you 😘
  10. S

    Exante - My Way

    I have tried exante in the past and although I know it can stick to it and works. It doesn’t fit in with my life. I have 2 children under two and that evening meal is important. We need to eat together as a family to establish a good routine, teach my kids about the importance of healthy eating...
  11. B

    Exante VLCD Diary

    I have tried pretty much every diet you could think of, but just never managed to stick to one properly. I now have PCOS, and according to my endocrinologist, the extra doughnuts around my middle (and pretty much everywhere else) really need to go! I have tried exante before, and actually like...
  12. Sheslosingit

    Not another FAT holiday

    Hello! I’ve just completed my first week on exante and lost 7lbs. I am a previous slimming world member and I’m packing that in this week, in favour of a food diary shared here with you guys. Today I booked a little holiday to Mallorca in September. Last year, on holiday I promised myself...
  13. Sweet2Def

    June 2018 - My LT Diary

    I thought I should begin another thread, a bit more up to date for anybody thinking of beginning the diet this month. I start on 8th June (payday), and because I have done the diet before and recall how horrendous the first three days were., I'm preparing my body leading up to this by slowly...
  14. Sheslosingit

    Serial dieter looking for tips?

    Hello! I've been on a diet for a decade with weight ranging from 11 stone to 15 and a half (im 5ft 11). This time last year I got married and was at the bottom end weight wise after more or less starving myself with stress. Since our wedding day I've gained 4 and a half stone in under a year...
  15. Alsay

    Exante Total Solution

    Day 1 here I go 😁 I am staying with my parents for the next week, so I've brought along a mixture of different exante shakes. All I have to do is pick 3 each day. Every 7 days or so I'm planning on logging my weight loss in kilos on here. Let's do this!!
  16. Alsay

    My Introduction:)

    Hi all! I've come onto minimins at the very start of my true weight loss journey. I hope to actually get through it to my final destination this time round. A bit about myself - I'm 26 and now at the highest weight I have ever been (132kg) and aim to finally reach around 72kg (sometime soon I...
  17. FullFathom

    Tales from the Secret Dieter

    Hallo everyone. Firstly, May I just say a big thank you to all of you for the questions, answers, diaries and stories that I’ve read and survived on while lurking on this forum all year! Success stories, struggles, celebrations and grumps - I’ve found everything very, very helpful, so thank you...
  18. SPE

    6 Stone to lose 😭😭😭

    So here I am again.......I am terrible at diets. When I was pregnant I had Gestational diabetes and stuck to a low carb diet with ease. I didn’t gain pregnancy weight and it was a breeze as I was doing it for my baby. Here I am 4 months pp and I can’t stick to anything. I gained weight 3 years...
  19. S

    Start now or new year

    Am so glad i found this forum. I'm going to use VLCD to help me lose weight. Problem i have is that i want to lose 4 stone and i don't know wether to start in the new year or now? I've been thinking of buying packs ready to start for monday but my problem is that i'm going to stay with family...
  20. Dinma

    Total Solution Peeling off the final layers with Exante

    Hi, everyone! I've been obese all my adult life, carried most of my weight in my hips, and thankful to have a not so big tummy. Turning point came in 2012 when I got on a scale and I weighed 130kg! I didn't realise I was that heavy!!! Anyway, I lost 34 kg on the Stillman's Diet in 2012, and...