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Voucher question


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My friend got given a SW voucher for 12 weeks support back in January, and she's never used it, she's given it to me, but there is no start or end date on it, just a number stamped on the front. Can I use this voucher still or does it start running when you actually buy it? I'd love to have 12 weeks free, but don't want to look stupid trying to use a voucher that isn't valid anymore.
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Hi im not too sure to be honest. why dont you email sw head office or call them, im sure they would be able to tell you, good luck, would be great if you could use it! xx
If its the ones issued by a GP then I dont think theyd be transferrable. Im quite sure the reference number on it will refer back to your friend somehow or other. It could be SW will know who theyve been issued to, Id worry it would come back to me in a few weeks once my paperwork is processed.

Personally I dont think its right using it if it was given to someone else by their GP.


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SW on referral vouchers are definitely not transferrable. The scheme include regular reporting back to the referring GP on attendance and weight losses. Why did you friend take the vouchers if she had no intention of going along to classes? I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but as someone who works for the NHS and sees the effect that the current financial climate is having on health services, it just makes my blood boil.


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I don't think she got it from a GP, the envelope she gave me had recorded delivery, so i think someone bought it for her as a gift from the website. I really don't know. But it's fine, I won't bother trying it, and carry on paying my weekly fee.


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i would take it to class and see what the consultant says - surely if you do get to use it, then its 12 weeks free - which is worth £50!!! i would deffo try to utilise it - !!!

and thats before David Cameron tells us how we are going to pay back the countries debt!!!! lol! xxx


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I agree with EB - defo look into it first - if it is a gift from someone or maybe something they won then there is no reason for you not to use it hun x
Ok well I'll explain the situation tomorrow when I go, and see what happens. Can't hurt to try.
I was given a voucher as a birthday present last year. As I had just bought myself a 12 week countdown it was 11 weeks before I could use it, but that was no problem. I don't think they have an expiry date. But it is always a good idea to check with your consultant, to make sure.
Ok great, and I called her and asked today and it is a gift voucher and not a GP referral. So I will take it along tomorrow and see.

Thanks guys x

The voucher was fine and has been sent off, so I have 12 weeks free! Well 10 weeks now because I hadn't paid the 2 weeks while waiting to hear.:D (was marked as a C pending a decision)

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