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W/C 5th October challenge!

Hi there,

Me, precious and Alex have decided to start a challenge for the week of 5th october. (You can just weigh in whatever day you usually do on this week). That's around 4 weeks from now! Would anyone else like to join us too? The more the merrier as I'm sure we can all help each other stay on the straight and narrow!

So far our goals are as follow:

x Alex x - 6lb (and a bit)
Sa89 - 10lb
Precious - ???
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yay Found u guys

Hiya Thanks sa89 for starting a new thread fingers crossed more of us will join..Welcome lalalou- we need all the support..

SA89 - i forgot to mention what my goal weight was for week commencing 5th oct - im looking for atleast 8lbs -10lbs thats about 2lbs a week..

How are you all getting on so far - guys ive been doing this a few days did have a few hiccups - sa89 dont worry main thing is ur back on track... :)

best of luck everyone - we can do it!

Sa89 - forgot to ask what excercise do u do? or going to do? 250 calories thats alot. how often do u exercise? If u dont mind me asking

Whats everyone else going to do to reach their goal weight - hope u dont mind me being nosey lol

Welcome lalalou! I'm sure we will all lose together :)

I think 8-10lbs is a good goal precious, I'm hoping to achieve the same :) As for exercise, I'm not doing much at the moment but got a heart rate monitor the other day, it says that I burn 130calories in 20 minutes. So as of monday, will try doing around 40 minutes a day and burn 250. Fingers crossed I'll stick to it. At the moment will probably just use the exercise bike at home. How about you, what exercise do you do precious?
Hiya Sa89

That sounds great we are all aiming for near enough the same goal for oct which is really good. Thats great your doing so well :) I was so into my CC and excercises but im getting use to it all again and its going ok, why is weekends the most difficult..suppose its family and the whole weekend feeling lol..during the week is a little easier though when kids are at school and at work etc..Im not doing much excersise at the minute to be honest ive got the bike, treadmill etc i use the bike for about 15 minutes and brisk walking on the treadmill about 10 minutes.. i do need to up it though so will slowly start adding it on over the days/weeks are u gonna do 40 minutes on just on the bike?? wow thats great :) How u doing today... ? Ive not done too bad, i cant believe i was making and decorating cakes with my kids and i didnt eat a cake - thats shocking i usually have a taster lol


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Oh, Oh ME *WAVES HAND AROUND* Can I join the challenge? I put myself down for loosing weight in September but I'm hoping to up my game for Oct. So if you could add me to loose 8lbs by the 5th I'd be gratful.
I love walking and just bought myself a pedomitor (amazing how much I was OVER estimating my walking before I bought it *GROAN*) and it's made me leave the house a lot earlier in the mornings so that I can walk a bit further. Plus I'm anti social and now it's raining hardly no one else is out walking the same way as me... sad aren't I? :D

I love the group dynamic to loose weight, it's a really supportive environment.

Good luck everyone
my goal is 162lbs, can't write much today as busy! will try to update a with weigh in on wed

good luck everyone
Hiya Ness, Good luck :)

How is going precious? Not too good for me unfortunately. I don't know why I've fallen off the wagon. But I'm determined to fix things! I didn't weigh this monday, will do next though...
Updated stats:

x Alex x - 6lb (and a bit)
Sa89 - 10lb
Precious - 8-10lb
Lalalou - 10lb
Ness - 8lb
Updated stats:

x Alex x - 9lb
Sa89 - 10lb
Precious - 8-10lb
Lalalou - 10lb
Ness - 8lb

hi everyone, fallen off the wagon last 2 days and put on 2.5!!!! hence why the updated stats now say 9lb for me instead of 6 and a bit :-(
Hi all, I've been doing good, sticking to my calorie allowance, and have been doing some exercise (mainly the wii!!)

So mainly positive here, BUT I'm going to frankie and benny's for lunch tomorrow! Not a clue what to get, thinking possibly a steak with salad, anyone know anything OK to get from there?


The Weight Loss Monster
:sigh: I've only lost 1 lb this week! Maybe 8lbs was more than a little over ambitious for the month but I'll keep it the now to inspire me to keep going :rolleyes:.

So sorry you gained Alex, there's nothing worse! It makes me realize I should be pleased with my loss and stop moaning!

Hiya LaLaLou, Well done on being so good :D. I'm not a huge fan of Frankie and Bennys (had to wait 3 hours for my meal once... No, really) but they do quite a few low fat dishes. They have a tuna thing (can't remember what) which is classed as a healthy option. The staff are quite good at advising the healthy choices if you ask. Hope you have a fantastic time.

Good luck to everyone else this week:).
It's my own fault ness, I do this, -i am good for weeks and then binge until I am back where I started! but not this time! I am now back on track (again) i doubt i'll get the 9lb off in the next 4 weeks but i can at least give it a try!!


The Weight Loss Monster
Hey well done LaLaLou, that's fantastic! 1.5 lbs is better than 1 lb and TWICE as great as 0.5lb... So I'm really chuffed for you. :D
Hiya tweetypie, ofcourse you can! the more the merrier :)

Ness- Keep at it, 1lb is better than not losing!

Lalalou - well done on the 1.5lb :)

I've also updated the stats for, hope you guys don't mind

x Alex x - 9lb
Sa89 - 10lb
Precious - 8-10lb
Lalalou - 10lb, -1.5lb,
Ness - 8lb, -1lb
tweetypie - 10lbs

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