W1 No2


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I had my first weigh in this eve since starting SW last week, and i have lost 4lb! I am delighted with that as i wasnt perfect over the weekend, so i need to correct that this week to have another good loss.

Anyway, thanks for those who posted on my threads about what to get stocked up on, and what i can eat on a red day, many thanks girls!! You've really helped me on my way! xx
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:happy096: Well done on a fantastic weigh in!


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brill, what a great start x


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Thanks all! Just gotta keep going now! I am trying to think of SW as how i will be living my life forever, rather than just a diet. If i am ever to reach goal and maintain, i need to do that. 2 years ago i lost 5 and a half stone, then put most of it back on ie i had learned nothing about eating. Hopefully i can rectify this with SW. Fingers crossed!:)

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well done!

Hi Becky,well done.no one knows more than me how hard it is to keep off the weight.Keep going to class eve when you really think you have been bad,i have often been suprised!Drink loads of wate,eat loads of free food and have your syns for the things you cant live without ie choc/cheese.As long as it is synned you canto wrong.Also have variety,eat stuff you havent tried before and make the recipies.Sorry to try to preach but these tips have helped me lose 2.5 st before I have bariatric surgery. x ;):clap:


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Well done on your loss, 4lbs is a great loss!!!


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Great news Bex well done. I've been doing SW online for 1 1/2 weeks its great isn't it?



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Good on you, your well on your way to a slimmer you, imagine xmas. xxx Loobylou


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Thanks all! Need a kick up the butt today, not doing very well. :mad:

The mistake i made was thinking i could cope with having a 5-pack of curly whirlys in the house...I cant.:eek::(