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Waiter,waiter! there's fly in my soup!!

OH and i were chatting this morning about our worst food experiences when eating out-you know the hair in your sandwich, scampi still frozen in the middle , i'm sure i dont need to go on.

Anyway i thought it might be a bit of a giggle to share our most horrific stories-will keep our fingers out of the biscuit tin for a while, or put us off food for the rest of the day.

So mine was finding a tooth in my bag of chips. I was halfway through them and thought "OMG one of my teeth has fallen out!!" then there was the slow horrific realisation that it was someone elses :eek:. Even thought that chip shop has changed hands a couple of times since then, i have never been back there!!
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UGH! Can't beat that but mine is....
Moscow, 1980s, dingy Soviet cafe, a cup of tea while waiting for something or other. At the bottom of the cup, when I've drank it.... I find the very dead, very large spider.

And I HATE spiders. Nearly puked.
Nothing like that has never happened to me! I've never really had any bad food experiences like that!


Go on smile! =)
Wasnt so much of a bad experience more of a shock. When i was about 14 the family went to Turkey and we ended up going on this trip in the mountains, and ofcourse i had to order the camel ball. I didnt expect the skin and hair to be still on it :( I'll never forget my 8 yr old sister saying 'mum ask them if they do chips' haha
Haha, yuck!
I once bought a sandwich from Sainsbury's and ate a bit only to find a very large and a very dead fly right in the middle.
Enough to put you off food for a while!

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