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Waiting for my appointment

Hello and welcome to the forum.
The forum is a wonderful place to air your thoughts, get inspiration and chat to other people in the same boat.
Wish u all the best on your CD journey xx

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Thank you both so much, i think its going to be a huge help having people here who are in the same boat x

I have been lucky enough to get an appointment with my consultant today so i shall start tomorrow. So looking forward to getting started now.

I work tomorrow and Friday which isn't such a good thing as i'm already aware of their opinions of the Cambridge diet. I work in a very small team so my lunches get seen and i really don't want them to know! Anything for an easy life. Do you think it would be okay to have one shake for breakfast and then have my 2nd when i finish work. I know i can go that length of time without eating as i have done before. I only work 2 days a week so its not something i have to worry about much. I was thinking i could just tell the girls at work i had a big breakfast hence not having any lunch.
I know how you feel about other people's opinions of the diet, it' one of the things I found most difficult the first time I did it as I work in a very small office and every one was very negative. If you know you can manage till you get home I don't see any reason why you shouldn't just hold off till you get home. I know I don't have breakfast lunch and dinner, I get to hungrey later on so I don't have my first one till lunchtime. I guess what ever works for you.
Hiya! Have you managed to get started? I had my first spot wednesday and am still waiting for my doctor to sign me off for it! I'm doing a little preparation e.g. Low calorie food (1000 a day) so hopefully moving onto soul source won't be an awful transition fir me!! Best of luck with it all and keep us posted I'd love to know how you're getting on :) xxx
Whoops! Meant to say appt! Not spot! X
Wish i had a like button.....thats funny!!

Good luck for your start, sounds like your doing a good job with ur diet prep. Will make things much easier for you. Will defo be looking out for your progress, bet your so looking forward to just getting stuck in.

This is day 2 for me today and i'm feeling good so far, i'm in ketosis and not missing any of the F**D word :D

Works been okay with regards to skipping lunch but we have been really busy so no one has really noticed.:)
Good I'm so pleased for you! I've had to sit down and have the 'chat' with my family and friends about the diet... It went quite well don't think that they are all convinced but oh well! Keep going with it and I'll keep an eye out for your progress too!!! Xxx

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