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Waiting for the call


Slimming for my children
And i am impatient.... hence the sig.
I called her at about 7 and she said she was with someone and had gotten my message from earlier and would call me back.

I want to get on the wagon with this. I was doing lighterlife up until last week but then discovered how much cheaper CD is and also the amount of variety there is!

Can anyone fill me in as I am itching to find out what its all about.....
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Well thanks for the replies.
There's no need for that - you posted at the time of day when things start to get quieter on here, and your post really isn't clear. What info exactly are you after? I'd be glad to help if I can, but I can't tell from your post what it is you want to know.


In fact if it's a basic sort of guide to CD you're after, the best place is probably the website:

Cambridge Diet home page

which covers all the plans and frequently asked questions!


Slimming for my children
Hi all.
thanks for the replys. just thought i was being singled out cos i did lighter life.
I called another counsiller this morning and she was lovely. still unsure of the whole programme as i hear you can eat?? whats all that about? eat and loose weight? on lighterlife your the devil if you eat.
Are the weight losses still the same?
And thanks for the replies just thought i was being blatently ignored.


Well, there are several different steps on the Cambridge Diet, and you can choose whichever suits you, so if total abstinence isn't your bag, there are still plenty of other options.

These are the steps of the diet:

cambridge six steps to losing weight

(click on the links on the left hand side of that page for more info on each step).

The weight loss obviously differs from one step to another, but on the 790 calorie programme, for example, you can still get almost the same kind of losses you would get on Lighter Life/Sole Source (Sole Source is what the Cambridge Diet calls Abstinence) and have one meal a day.

Even if you follow Sole Source, you still have Add A Meal Week every five weeks, where you have your packs plus a small meal of protein and green veg every day for a week before going back onto Sole Source again.

There are people on all kinds of different diet plans here and nobody will ever pick on you just because your diet is different from theirs - the forum is full of supportive, friendly people. Don't worry :) I'm sure people just didn't know what you were asking so they didn't know how to answer.
Hiya hun and good luck on your weight loss journey :) Are you excited??? I started at the weekend too (but in august) and it's great coz when you get weighed it keeps you to it over the weekend when you've had a great loss :)


Addicted to Minimins!
Hiya hun!
And thanks for the replies just thought i was being blatently ignored
Soz for not replying i wasn't online.
I'm doing the soul source program on Cambridge which means total meal replacement. You have shakes or soups and in the third weeks bars are allowed - but no other food. There are other programs on Cambridge where you can have certain types and amounts of food but i'm not really sure about those. Your cdc will be able to explain it better.
Good luck with the weight loss. x


Slimming for my children
thanks to everyone who has replied.
i would eventually like to become a councillor but not sure what this involves so i will ask the lady tomorrow who incidently seems very very lovely.
only problem is, is i havent told my lighterlife counciller i am switching? shall i?


Addicted to Minimins!
Ooooh becoming a councellor sounds like a great plan! I'm sure a CDC will be along in a bit to let you know what you have to do.
If you've been on lighter life and its been working then i'd just let your councellor know that you're leaving because you've found it too expensive. I think they need the feedback so they know what they're doing wrong. (if anything)
It would be considerate to let your LL counsellor know that you won't be going to see her any more, however there's no reason to tell her why if you don't want to.
As for becoming a counsellor, your own CDC is the best person to speak to about that, but if you have any questions, fire away!

Being a CDC is fun and rewarding - it's lovely to watch people take charge and achieve their goals!
I just emailed and told my LLC that I was leaving for financial reasons and that if I could afford it there's no way I'd give it up (which is all true - I miss the others in my LL group and I preferred the packs) and she understood that and said I was welcome back any time. I didn't telling her I was starting CD because she didn't need to know that. She definitely doesn't know I swapped because I got a letter from her a few weeks ago saying she was starting a restarters group for people wanting to lose the weight put on over Christmas!

MM x


Slimming for my children
ok i'll email her.
also in regards to becoming a CDC how much do you have to pay to become one and is a it a good job where you can work full time do you think? just i am planning on having kiddies in 18 months time and it would be ideal to work from home and also encourage me to keep the weight off too.

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