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Wakey wakey RTM board!!!

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Hi all,

I see that this board is pretty quiet - I keep coming on here to see whether anything has moved and it seems it hasn't so I thought I'd do it myself!!! :D

Are there any other RTMers out there or am I all alone?!?

I'm on Day 1 of Week 2 RTM and so far am doing ok - just had my first "snack" of broccoli, mangetout, celery and cucumber with a Sainbury's Be Good To Yourself dip - was delish!

On that note, can anyone tell me which dips are 'good' ones and where I can get them - or do you make your own? I was a little bit dubious about the Sainsbury's one as it's not "very low fat" - should I not have it?!?

Thanks and hi!

Laura x
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Making it all add up
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Quite prescriptive in the early weeks of RTM, so any dips I tended to make myself (but then I was too controlling).

Keep low fat/sugar and low carb though and you'll be OK
Hi Laura,
I'm starting RTM in 3 weeks, so very jealous of your vegetable snack! I just wondered, are you doing the 12 week RTM, or the 'new' 8 week course? Best of luck, I'll be with you soon!
Hi Laura,
Have to say I make my own.
Often fat free natural yogurt with other things added for a creamy one. Dijon mustard, tomato puree, lemon juice and black pepper,curry powder, capers and gherkins chopped up.
Not all at once you understand!
Or tinned tomatoes, strain the juice, whizz up with almost anything -garlic, fresh basil, lime, hot chilli sauce or tabasco, balsamic vinegar, chopped chillies.
Only limited by your imagination.
Much cheaper and you get what you like.

If you want a thicker base Philadelphia light is great when you are allowed it.
Enjoy. x
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Im starting rtm on thursday and was wondering how people are getting on? Ive been reading the rtm books but always prefer other peoples experiences!
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Hi Fudgie

I finished RTM a week ago today.

Have a read of my post below titled 'am I eating enough'. It has a long conversation between myself and Laura (who is now coming to the end of RTM). It's all about our experiences etc as we have gone through RTM. It's probably incredibly boring to the outside reader but we talk about concerns we had (which usually turned out to be no problem at all), weigh ins general feelings and questions and so on by 2 people going through RTM at the same time.

Even though I have finished RTM I found it to be so important to life long changes that I will still come back a lot and am quite happy to answer any questions and give my honest advice and experiences.

I am still planning on going to group weekly for the next 6 months and then fortnightly after that to get weighed and join in with group. I think that this, along with carrying on coming onto this forum, will keep me motivated to not let things slip after my wedding in July as I initially done this for my wedding day but the group meetings have made me realise how I want to stay slim and healthy for the rest of my life.
Congratulations Good things,
I'm sure your plan will keep you slim up to your wedding and beyond.
You are right - it's so much more than a quick way to lose weight.
Well done on completing RTM.

Phoenix 2

New Member
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I'm just coming to the end of my first week of RTM, and i'm looking forward to trying all the different recipes that you can make along the way... as before i wasn't very imaginative when it came to food. I have even started to try different things too, i wasn't paticulary keen on spicy foods at all and yesterday i made the Spicy Chicken recipe in week 1-4 booklet, (i did miss out the chilli though, that'll come later!!), I loved it!!
Is there anyone else out there that has literally just started too?
I would love to hear from everyone about their journey and compare notes lol.

Good luck to everyone!
Sian. xx


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I'm starting RTM tomorrow (the Lite four-week version). Very nervous but also excited!
S: 15st9lb C: 8st1.5lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 22.2 Loss: 7st7.5lb(48.17%)
I completed RTM without gaining any week at all. There really is nothing to worry about, as long as you are careful and follow plan whilst on RTM it isn't scary.

I was terrified of RTM for about the first 3 weeks and really wish no I hadn't worried so much.

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