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wanna ask advice x


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hope you dont mind but i need a bit of advice. ive recently come over from a vlcd and im used to having my shakes three times a day. theres no way id be able to eat snacks in between meals (or certainly at the moment) cause thats what im used to i suppose but im wondering what i should do about having enough calories if im not? im planning on having two shakes and then a meal and fruit/yog or somethign int he evening but wont be counting the calories..do u think id be getting enough..i dont tend to eat high fat foods anyway..its the quantity that lets me down which is why im overweight..sigh.

what do u think?

h x
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G: 68kg
thinking about it would it sort of sort itself out cause with not counting calories i might eat a little more than i think in the evening and therefore prob eat the right amount anyway, what with not having the snacks? if that makes sense? lol



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I think that Slimfast diet needs you to count calories because a "normal" meal in the evening can easily slip to 1000 cals. You have to have an awareness of the calories in cooking oil, butter, pasta, rice, potatoes, cheese, meat; all of these we use regularly in cooking and are surprisingly high in cals, especially if you are a bit weak on portion control. I have been counting cals for 25 years and I still often weigh out high cal items such as cheese as I don't trust my judgement of what an ounce looks like. Veg and salad I don't worry about as long as they aren't cooked in anything. To give you an idea, here are a couple of examples for a standard portion:

Burgerking whopper: 650 cals without chips
1 bakewell tart portion: 550 cals
Chicken chow mein: 700 cals
Medium portion of chips: 400 cals
1 naan bread: 540 cals
Lasagne: 470 cals
Thai green curry without rice: 500 cals
Butter/marg: 200 cals per ounce

Even just a bit of research on your fave foods might help you not to become mystified why you aren't losing weight or stop you from eating too little (which to be honest is less likely than too much unless you live on salad). Or you might be fine. Hope this helps. Good luck, x


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hi harriat i have just started to have the slim fast snacks during the day it says 3 snacks but i usally have either the 1 or 2 i have 2 shakes then a balanced meal at night i have a fitness pal app on my phone or you can go on line to myfitnesspal.com and log in to count your calories last night i had chicken breast. 2 new potatoes. loads of veg and 1 yourshire pudding.. cae to under 600 cals and at the end of the day still had a 100 cals to spare so after a while everything will fall into place i found it so daunting but after chatting with judith55 and now i eating a little more have lost another 2 pounds this week, i love this meal replacement diet it works so well for me ... i so look forward to my dinner at night good luck


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G: 68kg
thanks judith..what youve said makes a lot of sense. i dont however have oil, milk or anything fatty as it makes me sick (loongg story which i wont bore you with) so i guess that would help with the calorie consumption but yes, i see what your saying. i think, if i just stick to pretty plain meals such as chicken or fish and masses of veg and/or salad which i do eat lots of anyway, hopefully that will do it. im just not one for counting calories..it makes me feel anxious for some reason?! so im not ignoring your advice there, just trying to work out in my mind how i could go about it without having to weigh everything which i cant be doing with :)

peanuts..thanks your input too :) i think ill just have to watch what i eat for a while..obviously if it doesnt work my way ill have to think again

h x

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