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Want symphathy, Atkins Flu thingy :(

Sorry i know this is a waste of a thread as everyone gets this but I've got this Atkins induction flu thingy.
And god do i feel crap :(

One minuite I'm ok the next just want to lie down.
I'm forcing myself to eat but can't stomach a lot, all I've got for lunch is jelly, I know that's not got the right proteins in but I can't get anything else down.
I'm drinking at least 6 - 7 glasses of water a day.

Groan, sorry for moaning :sigh:
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Thank you Leanne. I feel ok now, it comes and goes in waves.


Chasing the Rainbow
you have my FULL sympathy, i am only just getting over mine now and i'm 2 and a half weeks in!! still get moments where i just cant face eating anything. The MIMs were a life saver for me because they were dryish and bland, bit like having toast (ideal when you have an upset tummy) but even mims are getting yukky for me now, i keep having to change what i eat cos i have so little appetite, whatever i try to eat just makes me urge. lol,.

sugar free jelly is ace too, i know its naughty cos of the aspartyme, but hey, i smoked for 15 years so im cool with the risk lol....

just keep it going, weigh your self as often as you want cos it will keep you motivated seeing the scales go down! best advice i was given was eat what you can, when you can.... dont be too rough on yourself if its not completely 100% legal (one day all i could eat was a tin of cocka leekie soup, lowest carb soup i could find and was amazing) i stayed in ketosis and weight loss ay ok!!

good luck, stay strong!! xxxx
Thanks Elemental, what particular Mims recipe do u use (i know theres a few out there), cos i tried it once and they were bitty and not nice, perhaps i need to try again.

Yeh I'm doing the jelly at the mo (sugar free made with some fizzy pop), it's nice with the smallest drizzle of cream. :17729:


Chasing the Rainbow
careful of the citric acid in fizzy pop, i came a cropper with that, stalled me for days!!

i use the following

1 large egg
tsp butter
tsp splenda
half tsp baking powder
half teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup flaxmeal

i dont make it in a mug though, i have square cereal bowls, i make them in that so they end up like bread, i slice it through to make two slices and then you can toast each side, makes the bittyness less noticable if its toasted, i dont like it too cakey either when i'm feeling sicky toast all the way!! buttered or with phillidelphia, goes down a treat, replaced eggs as my staple brekky but need to mix it uo now before i go of them too lol.
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